Intel to announce shift to new microprocessor technology

“For the first time in five years, Intel Corp. will make a major change in the plumbing of its chips by switching to a new design that promises better performance and lower power consumption than today’s Pentium 4,” Matthew Fordahl reports for The Associated Press. “The world’s largest chip maker will announce the architecture this month at a conference in San Francisco, spokesman Bill Calder said Thursday. Chips based on the new architecture are expected to debut in the second half of 2006.”

“Intel new architecture is expected to be based in part on Intel’s Pentium M, which was developed to deliver performance and power savings in notebook computers. It also has roots in the Pentium III processor that Intel launched in 1999… Like the top of the line Pentium 4, the next-generation processors also are expected to have multiple computing engines on a single chip, security features and manageability functions,” Fordahl reports. Full article here.

Don Clark reports for The Wall Street Journal, “Intel Corp. said it plans to announce an entirely new chip architecture, the latest response to pressures that are forcing changes in computer design… The company said the new technology will be described by Paul Otellini, Intel’s chief executive… Mr. Otellini is expected to discuss a technology foundation designed from scratch to improve energy efficiency and make it easier to add more than two processors. ‘A big emphasis is going to be performance per watt,’ said Bill Calder, an Intel spokesman. ‘That is a very big deal.'”

Full article here.

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  1. Apple had relied on IBM’s plans too, hadn’t they? What Intel must do now is to actually have these things available on time and as promised. If Apple finds itself at the end of 2006 waiting for Intel to deliver what it is promising, we will be back in the same situation that IBM put us in. An “unexpected” delay on Intel’s part will not go over well with any of us, most especially not with Mr. J.

  2. I agree with Hg Wells. Sounds to me that Apple will be in the same boat waiting for the next best thing from the CPU supplier.

    If Apple wait for those new processors before they ship the new Mactel machines, it could be 2007 before we see those machines.

    I want Apple to use current processors and get the switch over with ASAP and then use the new processor WHEN they become available in volume.

    This is certainly Job’s Achilles heel – he always wants to use the latest processor and it has bit him in the ass twice now (remember the G4 and G5 mess)

    I would certainly consider upgrading to a P4 or Pentium M in the next year rather than wait a further 6 months to 12 months for something new.

  3. It’s a good bet that Apple engineers already have the latest prototypes of the soon-to-be-released chips and are at work refining the design of the necessary support architecture. Apple would have begun development on the Intel-based Mac long before Steve Jobs made his keynote at WWDC 2005.

    Public announcements are among the last things most companies do before the release of a product. Steve had an embarrassing lesson with his announcement of a 3GHz machine based upon the lip-service of IBM management, and it’s not likely that he will want to repeat that experience.

    By the time Intel releases it’s new chip, Apple will have made several prototype machines. At that time it will be necessary to make the “tweeks” necessary to the hardware and software. Based on this information, and barring any unforseen catastrophic glitches, it looks like an Intel-based Mac should be announced at MacWorld 2006.

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