BofA raises Apple earnings estimates, forecasts 5.4 million iPods, 28-percent Mac growth for quarter

“Banc of America Securities reiterated a ‘buy’ rating and adjusted estimates on Apple Computer. Banc of America raised Apple’s earnings-per-share estimates for 2005 and 2006 to $1.32 and $1.44, respectively, from $1.29 and $1.40. Apple reports fiscal third-quarter earnings on July 13. The research firm forecasts sales 5.4 million iPod units and CPU growth rates of 26% to 28%, respectively, for the fiscal third quarter… Banc of America believes that demand for the iPod Shuffle has been weak while demand for the iPod mini has shown strength. “We expect a new Shuffle in the next few months, and believe an LCD-based refresh is needed.” The research firm said that demand for the iMac has been solid while demand for the Mac mini has been weak,” Forbes reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Cant quite get this though. If demand for the mini has been ‘weak’ and the iMac growth described as ‘solid’ where is the 26-28% growth coming from?

    If the shuffle sales are weak and the iPod mini has ‘shown strength’ how comes iPod sales are estimated to be so strong also for that matter. One would imagine they must be comparing it with enormous original forecasts- but then if they had done that they would hardly be upping estimates and pushing the stock as a ‘Buy’ rating. Hey maybe all this is just becoming routine now then and good performances are no longer anything to particularly shout about.

  2. “Someone pass this on to Troy Wolverton over at Perhaps it will help him do his “research.”

    I saw that article. That guy just LOOKS like a Bill Gates wannabe. It’s no wonder he was poo-poohing Apple.

    Sad thing about the internet, is as great as it is, now lets every idiot have access to “the microphone”.

  3. Well, if folks have just got to have an LCD, maybe Steve should just give them one. It might not be terribly useful, but if they can manage the cost well, a slight rise in price might not be detrimental. Hey, if it increases sales…

  4. I think the Mac Mini will have sells issues, because it is out of the norm as computers go. I like it, but I think don’t always want to be different.

  5. Now that BofA is bullish on Apple, maybe they can start supporting Quicken for their banking customers who use Macintosh, again.

    BofA, I don’t want to use Quicken Bill Pay cause it costs $9.95/month. Since you allow Windows Quicken Users to do Bill Pay directly from Quicken to BofA, (and for free assuming certain minimal account qualifications are met), I don’t know why I should have to settle for less just because I won’t use Windows. Is there any REAL reason for this blatant (can it possibley be legal?) and obvious corporae platform bias?

  6. “I think the Mac Mini will have sells issues, because it is out of the norm as computers go”

    What do you mean ‘sells’ issues? Sales???
    What do you mean out of the norm as computers goes?

    Dude – get a life

  7. The mini has it’s place as a commodity PC. However Apple need to have better places to sell this unit. Best Buy is an example but apparently the units are displayed and promoted poorly there.

    In the end, it could be that those interested in the Mac Mini go to a store selling other Mac models and get sucked into buying either an iBook or an iMac. Therefore the mini could be in fact doing a superb job in attracting new customers and as an added bonus getting people to trade up to machines with better margins.

    Also remember this is a 1st generation model – Apple will learn lessons from its sales performance and improve the machine to be more attactive. Maybe having intel CPU and cheaper graphic options will be the key sellers.

  8. I’d say up the ram of the Mac Mini to 512 mb ram as standard. That should make the system great to use right out of the baggie.. The Mac Mini is good but could be great.

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