Rob Glaser photo caption contest now open

We haven’t heard much from bowling aficionado and RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser since early March when he called Apple “deceptive for not explicitly telling customers that iTunes songs can’t be transferred easily to other devices,” so we thought we’d have some fun in the form of another Glaser photo captioning contest. Despite many calls for more, we haven’t had one since our Bono-Glaser photo caption contest last October.

So what if it’s one of those contests where nobody wins a “real” prize? Who cares! It’s fun anyway. Below is a photo of Rob Glaser, founder and CEO of RealNetworks, Inc. – let’s see what you can do with it!

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  1. I downed a box of two dozen Krispy Kremes the day I saw iTunes running on this bathroom scale, er, I mean, Dell. Looks like a bathroom scale, huh? Not that I’ve ever used one.

  2. I’m easy…

    “OK, so I’m at Denny’s and I order two of the Grand Slams. You know, appetizers. Then Steve Ballmer sits down at the counter and asks me to fetch the catsup for him. And, I’m like, “hey, get it yourself, Tubby.” And he says, “Who you callin’ Tubby, Lardo…”

    Tera Patricks

  3. “Let me show you this now, ladies and gentlemen. You can go onto, and just stare at pastries. Really. And the cool thing – get this – you can even have them delivered right to your door. So, in all reality you can actually eat one, or 3 at a time like me, and look at your next order… Isn’t technology fasinating?!”

  4. You just take two dozen Krispy Kremes like this and smash them together into what I like to call a “Neutron Doughnut.” Then I just pack it into my black hole and swallow. Dell-licious!

  5. Please, folks, let’s try and skip the fat jokes. I’m a (fairly) skinny guy, and that’s just cruel. His arrogance and lack of CEO skill is enough of a target to keep us occupied.

    Real will disappear soon enough.

  6. I designed it. It’s called the “Carb Loaders Diet.” I’ll give you the outline for free, but you can get the whole thing for $12.99 per month. I’ll remind you electronically every 5 minutes to subscribe, so you won’t forget.

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