BusinessWeek review gives Apple iTunes 4.5 stars out of 5: ‘it’s the real hero in iPod’s success’

“Its rivals are getting stronger, but Apple’s music management continues to be the leader. Indeed, it’s the real hero in iPod’s success,” Steve Rosenbush writes in his review (4.5 stars out of 5) for BusinessWeek. “In part, iTunes is basking in the glow of its famous sibling, the iPod. Apple’s best-selling portable digital music player was designed to work with iTunes. And even though you can manage your iPod with other programs like the RealPlayer, for many people iTunes and iPod are one and the same.”

Rosenbush writes, “iTunes stands up well on its own, though. The software shares all the iPod’s attributes. It has the same spare aesthetic, with a minimum number of buttons and windows set against a brushed-grey background. And like the iPod, each detail is extremely well thought-out.”

“iTunes converses freely with the rest of the computing world. It allows people to record their CDs using the ubiquitous MP3 standard. It also will convert unprotected Windows Media files into the AAC format that Apple favors. That means iTunes is compatible with a number of standard MP3 players, including a variety of models from Rio and Creative. And it allows people to transfer MP3-based music libraries on their computer into iTunes. iTunes scores more points in this contest than Windows Media, which doesn’t record in AAC,” Rosenbush writes. “With the world’s attention focused on the iPod, it’s easy to forget about iTunes. Apple’s music player has been on the cover of Newsweek and The New Yorker. But the iPod would just be a cool-looking gadget if it weren’t for its lesser-known sibling.”

Full article here.

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  1. ahh, this is a gem “For all the iPod’s popularity, plenty of people still prefer non-Apple MP3 players because they’re based on a near-universal standard.”

    Since when less than 20% is ‘plenty of people’ ?

  2. Is there a small message here? That despite the iPod being the phenom that it is, iTunes (and store) really is the driving force and core piece of brilliantly designed software that makes it all possible. I believe It’s one of the best programs I’ve ever used on a Mac. The only rival? OS X 10.4.1

    Maybe it does not matter if it’s ‘Intel Inside’ if OS X stays light years ahead of it’s rivals.

  3. “Maybe it does not matter if it’s ‘Intel Inside’ if OS X stays light years ahead of it’s rivals.” — jay

    ahh, someone finally gets in ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    On the article, amazing, a journalist that wrote a piece AFTER having actually used iTunes. Just amazing.

    Sent him a note letting him know that there are plenty of little freeware programs that let you get tunes from the iPod back to iTunes library. Plenty for real, not ‘plenty of people prefer other MP3 players despite iPod success’. What does he want? 99% market penetration? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. iPodder,
    I would probably consider million of people to be ‘plenty of people’. kind of like how ‘plenty of people’ wanted a flash iPod even though Jobs said nobody really wanted or used a flash mp3 player. kinda like how ‘plenty of people’ buy songs from iTMS even though it’s a lot less than 20% of the entire music industry. kind of like how ‘plenty of people’ buy a Mac even though Macs account for far less than 20% of computers purchased. Kind of like how ‘plenty of people’ use OS X…ok you get the idea.

  5. camus, maybe your first name is “Albert” in that case you are excused.

    “For all iPod popularity, PLENTY of people STILL prefer other because based on near-universal STANDARDS” with iPod having over 80% of the market and even saying you may use the iPod with MP3 is a fake note.

    Unless you believe that WMA is the near-universal standard.

  6. He says:
    “The Bad: It’s hard to copy music from your music player onto your computer.”

    I thought that was the whole purpose for legal reasons.. also why is this the bad.. That would fall under iPod not iTunes!

  7. He says he has a computer at work and home.. why not just plug in the iPod to his computer at work and play the songs right off the iPod?… Oh wait that would actually mean he did some research…

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