Apple Computer ranked 6th on 2005 BusinessWeek’s IT100 list

“For Apple, the question is how much longer will its Golden Age last? After being dismissed as a computer industry has-been, Apple is once more the icon of innovation. CEO Steven P. Jobs has breathed new life into the company with a snazzy line of iPod music players. Some 16 million have been sold so far, creating a halo effect for Apple’s Macintosh computers. The combination has boosted Apple’s sales 72%, to $6.7 billion, in the past two quarters, from the same period a year ago. Profits have risen even faster, up 436%, to $585 million,” BusinessWeek writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Notables include Google at #4, Dell #7, Acer #22, Microsoft #27, Motorola #40, and Intel #52.


  1. And why is it that Apple attracts the interminable “when will it end” scenarios? The question is not asked of any names above or those immediately below it in the list. Why do they always insist on iPod killers et al coming along knock Apple down? Is it the curse of it losing to Windows? It must be explainable but I find it irritating as hell!

  2. It’s just part of our culture now (and for the last 20 years) to want Apple to die. Likely, it will always be that way. Though Apple’s been healthy for a while, and is at present the darling of the digital world, and will probably be around for a long, long time, critics and analysts only know to replay the tapes in their heads and approach the company with the tech-age lore and mythology that has made Apple the pretty-boy punching bag of the industry.

    Long live Apple.

  3. Golden Age begins with the iTunes Video Store. The rest is all just the simple process of putting that in every living room in America and ending television as we know it.

    MW: movement, hahahahaha!

  4. What blows my mind is that the article questions if Apple will be able to sustain the iPod success, since so many music fans (16 million) have jumped on board an purchased an iPod already.

    Does this strike anyone else as freaking insane? What logic is it that out of the Billions of humans, only 16 million are interested in an iPod to play their music? It isn’t like what mobile phone sales hit 16 million the market was saturated!

    My best friend saddended me last night when he said it isn’t a good time to be long in AAPL (investor speak for not a good time to buy or hold Apple stock). He had the same back assward reasoning that iTunes success won’t continue and the iPod is slowing in sales. With 82% market share it is true that Apple will never double their digital music sales (because there is only 18% of the market remaining) but it is a pretty strong foothold they have and it is strengthened with the iPod/iTMS chicken/egg lockin.

    As an AAPL share holder, I am happy with the returns I have seen and look forward to growth from the Intel move.

  5. Me,

    Re “With 82% market share it is true that Apple will never double their digital music sales (because there is only 18% of the market remaining)

    This doesn’t compute. That would only be true if the market were saturated, which as you explained is “freaking insane.” It merely means that for Apple to double its digital music sales, the size of the market would have to nearly double. Granted, that’s unlikely. But they can certainly grow by more than 18%!

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