Analyst: Erotic podcast market underserved

“A business consultant says the market for ‘podcasting’ is underserved. While 40% of the Internet-delivered audio shows focus on music, science, technology and comedy, the most popular category for users is erotica, according to Alex Nesbitt, president of Bella Ventures Inc. ‘The supply is not yet meeting market demands,’ he wrote in a just-released analysis titled, ‘The Podcast Value Chain Report,'” Frank Barnako writes for MarketWatch.

“Nesbitt predicts the market for podcasting tools and services will reach $400 million, ‘in the near future.’ The business consultant also said podcasts of ‘enduring content’ like, are likely to become valuable as archives. Capturing university lectures and speeches will drive growth, he added. ‘Narrowly focused, but very high-value content that is similar to high-priced subscription newsletters, such as investment research, should also have strong commercial appeal,’ he added,” Barnako writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We guess that until more erotica is being podcast, Rush Limbaugh remains “the hottest thing in podcasting.”

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  1. Some fat broad with a sexy voice is going to make big bucks with a daily reading of erotic stories. Subscribers all over the world.

    Some UN translator fluent in 6 or 8 languages would make even more $$$$.

    Ugly people break into the porn industry!

  2. Leave it up to this society to turn something beautiful into SMUT!!!! Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs and Sexual Addiction remain society’s greatest weaknesses and will ultimately lead most of us to HELL in an iBasket!!! Resist the urge folks. It ain’t worth it.

  3. WizeGuy,

    What makes you think Pod-casting is limited to audio?


    Frankly, this erotic podcast thing looks like it would appeal to the Japanese market most. One can already download smut to cell phones there.

    Now, would this new genre of pod-casting be called *u*-casting?…

    Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

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