Computerworld columnist on Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger: ‘I was completely blown away, truly amazing!’

“When Mac OS X 10.4, better known as Tiger, was released three weeks back, I was eager to try it. I had heard about several of the new features and thought they would be worth the upgrade. So last weekend, I backed up my laptop and installed the Tiger desktop software. While the installation itself took about the same time as previous OS X versions, the boot-up time was significantly faster,” Yuval Kossovsky writes for Computerworld. “For the first two days, I cautiously used the computer in the same manner I always do, making sure that all of my applications worked properly, and that I was able to perform all the functions I had grown to expect from my trusty 15-in. PowerBook.”

“The system was stable, fast and offered no surprises from a usability standpoint. In fact, I could have continued to work without taking advantage of Tiger’s new features, and my impression would have been, ‘fast and stable upgrade … great.’ Then I began to experiment with some of the new services and features offered in Tiger, and I was completely blown away,” Kossovsky writes. “The value this upgrade delivers is truly amazing!”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another great review for Mac OS X Tiger. Kossovsky looks Tiger’s new features and of Spotlight writes, “Spotlight releases the computer user from having to worry about folder structure and hierarchy, which is a huge change over the way we��ve been navigating files and folders in the past. I now have multiple smart folders that group my documents differently and let me view them in ways that a standard hierarchy could never do.”

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  1. i just wish the spotlight folder had the sidebar like in the finder window… i usually use spotlight to find a certain file and drag it into another folder in our network. right now, after searching for the files, i’d have to create a new finder window with the sidebars so i can drag it there…

  2. CDR, just use the search field in your finder window.
    Spotlight results will appear within that view and you can just drag the results to the sidebar or save your search as a new smart folder.

  3. You mac-people and your dumb eye candy, I’ve had it, so what if my computer gets a virus and I have to run virus software all the time just to stay safe, so what if internet explorer doesn’t have tabbed browsing, like I’d ever use it. And you know what, I think ti’s great that Microsoft is taking their time to write an operating system, and hope they take even longer at least they will do a better job than Apple who just pushes an OS out ever year and a half or so, and tricks everyone into upgrading by telling them that they have new features like Dashboard or Exposé, or what is that stupid program they keep tooting o yeah iTunes, haha who uses itunes? Who even uses exposé? I sure wouldn’t, I don’t need fast searching. I know where my files are, they’re on my desktop with everything else I need. And what is this CoreImage stuff? It this a joke? I mean who’s going to use it? Apple just thinks that they need to make everything work better and look nicer. Those stuck up slobs.

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