Apple Computer posts new iPod ‘Pop-Lock’ TV commerical online

One week after their debut of the new iPod “Rollerskating” television ad which featured the music “Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillaz, Apple has debuted another new thirty-second television commercial, which aired during Saturday Night Live across the U.S. less than twelve hours ago. The new iPod commercial is titled, “Pop-Lock,” and features the music “Technologic” by Daft Punk. Pop locking is a kind of breakdancing. It is when you “pop” out your muscles (i.e. tense them up really quickly) and your lock out your joints.

The ad can be viewed via QuickTime and is available in three sizes: Small (3.2MB), Medium (7.1MB), or Large (8MB).

Watch the new ad here.


  1. hmm.. it doesn’t say ‘mac + windows’ anymore..

    which means apple feels confident that everyone already KNOWS THAT..

    which is amazing.. mindshare way up.. good stuff

    i’m wondering when these ads are gonna feel “sooo 2003” but so far not bad.. you can always put brand new music on there, and the dancing is actually incredibly fun to watch.. evenutally they’ll put those ads out to pasture i guess..

  2. A Stockholder,
    There is a 2 page advertisement in the May 23rd BusinessWeek Magazine (the downloaded version from Zinio) showing Spotlight and Dashboard. Looks like Apple has started to advertise the OS in print.

  3. More evidence today of Billy Gates running scared. BIG full page interview in todays Sunday Times (UK). Dismissing Apple he says MS are the biggest thing in mobile phones now.


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