Chicago Sun-Times: Mac OS X Tiger shows ‘there’s never been a more compelling time to switch to Mac’

With the release of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, “Apple’s acting like a bunch of jerks about how much better they are at these things than anybody else,” Andy Ihnatko writes for The Chicago Sun-Times. “I mean, they’re really rubbing Windows’ nose in it with this one. Which is hardly sporting, but it’s undeniably Good News for users.”

“There are plenty of brand-new features in this new release (200, according to Apple’s press release) but the true superstar is Spotlight. It’s capital-R Revolutionary, making the whole concept of organizing your data into folders and volumes seem, well …quaint,” Ihnatko writes. “Use it for just a couple of days, and you’ll imagine a future visit to Colonial Williamsburg where you can watch re-enactors churn butter, make candles and manually manage their files.”

Ihnatko writes, “Spotlight is more than a search utility because it’s actually a system-wide resource, just as important as Tiger’s printing system or its networking features. Its benefits aren’t limited to just files, or even the Finder. Nearly every new feature of 10.4 includes some sort of Spotlight-powered enhancement. And if software developers begin to understand what this new resource can do for their own apps, Spotlight could become the most transformative thing to happen to desktops since the drop-down menu.”

“Clearly, the folks at Microsoft have their work cut out for them. The next edition of Windows won’t ship until 2006 — maybe — and while the company certainly has the sort of smart and creative talent pool that’s required to produce such an OS update as jubilant and successful as Tiger, is that part of the company’s nature? Every past edition of Windows emphatically indicates the answer is no,” Ihnatko writes. “All I can tell you is that with Tiger on store shelves, and a new Windows a mere shapeless dot shimmering vaguely over the horizon, there has never been a more compelling time to switch to a Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, Mac OS X Tiger is getting some good reviews, huh? Do you think Windows users are noticing?

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  1. I once emailed a list of 50 reasons OS X was better than Windows to a PC user I know. Yeh-hessss.

    He told me he stopped reading after #12.

    I asked him if that was because he was already convinced and didn’t need to read the other 38 reasons.

    He said no — it was ’cause he couldn’t count any higher.

    WHAT? Hey, come onnn. I keed de Patchers!

  2. Gee, yet another great review for Mac OS X Tiger. Yawn.
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    It’s funny that although every review of Tiger (and God knows there are a bunch) starts with “Spotlight”, the opinions about the relevance and usefulness of it runs wider than the Grand Canyon: Andy believes it’s “revolutionary” while others think it just o.k.

    Personally, I believe that it’s closer to the “revolutionary” side of the spectrum (especially if third party developers start to exploit it to its fullest).

    BTW, love this system wide spell checker. Makes me seem half educated.
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  3. Re: “Will all this publicity really make people switch or get more determined to stay with a flawed system?”

    A week and a half ago, I took time out of my hectic day to take a colleague and his wife down to the grand opening of an Apple store to help them get the right Mac for them. They’re Dell machine (hence forth pronounced “Hell) died a week prior. He was ready to order another Hell box when he remembered how ‘Madison Avenue’ slick my presentations were compared to the other corporate climbers.

    Anyway, after spending a fair amount of time with them at the new store (and enduring personal peril from the legions of people at the grand opening), the “boss”, his wife chose to go get another “Hell” because she was “comfortable with windblow$).

    Just one anecdote I know but there are an awful lot of these rubes out there.

    As an aside, he claims he will get a Power Book in a couple of months for himself.

  4. I haven’t upgraded to Tiger yet but planning to. For those who have, I ask: has anyone played around with the feature in Tiger that allows users to manipulate images using the built in graphics editing plugins similar to the plugins found in Photoshop? I don’t hear anyone talking about this at all since I saw it in a Keynote last year.

  5. A positive review by Andy Ihnatko is not really a “positive review” — he’s been a long-time Mac journalist, just like David Pogue. It’s more important for NON-Mac users to be reviewing the mac positively in the mainstream press.

  6. ok, so we’ve been seeing a lot of good reviews lately. That’s good, but just for fun, here’s a really irritating review from someone that apparently no clue what he’s talking about

    “the giant from Redmond has proven many times since its founding that it knows to innovate.

    So, Longhorn might offer more than what Microsoft’s officials are willing to declare.

    Microsoft is too experienced in operating systems not to use this time to come up with a better and more interesting alternative to what Mac OS X 10.4 is offering right now. And where will Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger be 18 months from now? Will Apple be able to keep up with our demands 18 months from now?”

    I’m sure the writer would love to hear your comments.

  7. Apple still needs to keep the pressure up for the next year. It will take a long time to get people to open up their wallets. Right now they’re at the stage of really wanting a Porche and yea it is better than my Corolla, but do I need it? Then Practicality sets in and outweighs the “want it “.
    Apple needs to advertise the practicality of the machine over the sexiness of the machine.
    They have the info to make it a “need it” device. Let’s hope they advertise it as such.

  8. Prisoner 24… er, … Eric24601 – there is a tool with Tiger called “Quartz Composer”, which is installed with the developer tools. I don’t know if that’s the tool you were referring to or not (I remember the keynote and it didn’t look like QC to me, more like a “proper” app, but this is pretty good anyway.)

    Most reviewers probably miss it because it’s not installed by default.

    They probably also miss the RSS visualizer screen saver too.

  9. I disagree with the statement “there’s never been a more compelling time to switch to Mac”.

    I seem to remember back in March of 1984 when I bought my first Mac to replace my TRS-80 Model III. THAT was a very compelling time to switch to a Mac!

  10. I used automator to rotate an image. You use Finder to select an image and preview provides the rotate function. My first attempt used a .gif, but it wouldn’t work. Automator just beeped when it failed, but offered no alert. Console is empty. When I used a jpg it did the same “hero” beep, but completed. I think it just blindly runs the script and if it works, it works.

    It was easy to do. Surprisingly so, actually. TRUE drag and drop programming. Bravo Apple! Error feedback would be good to have, but for a 1.0 release it is really neatoh. I’ll have to find an excuse to use it again.

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