Apple releases Bonjour for Windows

Apple has released Bonjour for Windows. Bonjour is Apple’s new name for Rendezvous (see related articles below). With Bonjour for Windows, you can easily network your Windows 2000/2003/XP computer to an existing network or create instant networks of multiple devices without any additional network configuration.

System Requirements:
Windows 2000/2003/XP
Latest Windows Service Pack Recommmended
300MHz Pentium class PC or higher
128MB of RAM or higher recommended
Network connectivity

More info and download link here.

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  1. What The F*ck!!!! Ok, if your trying to get people to stop using windows cause its hard to use and set up why would you release software to make it work better?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Bonjour is used by iTunes to find Airport Express and other computers (Macs or PCs).

    I think there’s something coming soon on the living room front, like the Tuesday right after the Airport Express free iTunes song promo ends on Monday May 23rd.

  3. idea is probably why, but one nice side effect is that windows users will see how well and how easily Apple software works. Most of my windows friends love iTunes (even those w/o iPods).

  4. Strategy, I think you hit the nail on the head (I had the same opinion when I first heard of the iTunes promo).

    Maybe you and I just do damd cynical.

    Interesting that Steve’s crew spent precious development time on this vs. other stuff like QT 7.0 for winblows. Yea, I know it’s coming but it’s probably no accident that they delayed it and are launching Bonjour right away.

    If you follow war strategies and tactics like Sun Tzu, Art of War (, this is great strategy.

    Stick it to ’em Steve!
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  5. I predict, for WWDC apple is going to annonce it’s partnership with toshiba, sony & intel for the cell processors! quote me on this, i said it 1st on MDN when this was going to happen!

  6. Funny, my first reaction was..”God, I hate the name Bonjour! Too bad about they can’t use the name Rendezvous” Outside of that, since Zero config technology is open and available for use on any OS, it makes sense that if Apple were going to introduce something that required it that they build it to suit their need. Just like they did for iTunes. So personally I’m betting on the “living room” rumors as well.

  7. imagine all those win users that took the bait and got a mini and a kvm.
    well now they can install bonjour on their win and easily network both machines…
    soon their win box will just become a file server to their mini.

  8. installed it on my XP and now I see why Apple did it.
    Airport Express USB printers are now easily made available to win users.
    that’s what it does, nothing else…

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