Microsoft’s Windows ‘Longhorn’ preview elicits long yawns

“When Bill Gates can’t show unmitigated glee over a Microsoft Corp. product, the world’s largest software company has a problem,” Joseph Menn reports for The Los Angeles Times. “Last week, after watching a demonstration of the most important version of Windows in a decade, not even the preternaturally enthusiastic Gates could hide his frustration with a project that’s years behind schedule. ‘It would be super,’ he said dryly, ‘to get that out in the hands of our customers.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Gates really has to purge the “super” adjective from his vocabulary. He sounds like Big Gay Alnot that there’s anything wrong with that.

Menn continues, “Gates is the most important of thousands of technologists growing restless with the recent pace of innovation at the company he co-founded in 1975. Few endeavors highlight that feeling better than the company’s latest iteration of its flagship Windows operating system, code-named Longhorn… As the company released a preview edition of Longhorn at a Seattle conference, many of the Microsoft loyalists in attendance found themselves shrugging their shoulders… the lack of enthusiasm inside and outside Microsoft over Longhorn is feeding a cycle that is lowering morale and encouraging departures to faster-growing tech companies, thereby slowing improvements to the firm’s key products even more.”

“Because Longhorn’s leap forward now appears more of a hop, Gartner Inc. predicts that the system will run just 36% of PCs by 2008, compared with 56% still using Windows XP,” Menn reports.

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    With this and the fact that Firefox browser is ripping market share from internet explorer thing have never looked so bad at M$.

    Face it Bill, M$ is too big and too slow to be competitive in today’s fast moving IT industry!

  2. It’s almost painful to read the lackluster reviews showing up in the press about Longhorn. There is a certain amount of glee that comes with the realization that the press is waking up to the mediocrity of Windows, and is finally expressing their dissappointment with Microsoft. But to hear that even Gates can’t muster enthusiasm for his own company’s OS…that’s harsh, man.

  3. It has been fun to watch the Apple crowd attempt to convince the “real IT world” that there new OS is worthy of use in an enterprise environment let alone as a desktop OS. The truth is nobody uses OS 10.x (less then 2% of all computers). The Apple platform is dead.

    The future is in the hands of the developers at Microsoft and we have imbraced the cutting-edge technology of .NET and Longhorn. The very soon to be release Longhorn will change the world of computing forever.

    Just a side note Apple still doesn’t have a 64 bit OS. Windows has a production version of there XP Pro available now, once again Apple is using fancy marketing to manipulate the masses into believing that Tiger is better then XP.


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