Apple’s iPod shuffle takes nearly 60 percent of US flash-player market in March

“Apple’s share of the US flash-player MP3 market grew from 43 percent in February to 58 percent in March, according to research firm NPD. Apple’s share of the US hard-disk player market was also at 90 percent, while the iTunes Music Store marketshare was above 70 percent in April. The data were reported by Merill Lynch analyst Steven Milunovich in a research note to clients. The analyst also discussed future iPod enhancements expected by the end of the year, the (non-existent) mobile phone threat, and more. The firm reiterated its ‘Buy’ rating on Apple stock with a price target of of $51 per share,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: So much for the “war.” Not bad for a “big let-down that’s worse than the cheapest Chinese player,” huh? We hope they’ve bolted the windows shut over at Creative’s corporate headquarters. Nobody wants to see any broken sidewalks in Singapore.

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  1. So much for the idea that subscription services are better than just paying the buck and keeping your music forever. The iTunes Music Store has shown the world that subscription service, (A.K.A. renting your music) is a bad idea as Steve Jobs has pointed out so many times. And I totally agree with him. It’s $15 a month that I could buy 15 more songs with and keep as my own forever versus watching it disappear with nothing in return. iTunes works because it is still the simple interface and the hardware and software which are made for each other.

  2. czobes,

    More like, “The Creative TAIL-spin…”

    Poor Sim Wong Hoo. For his family’s sake, I hope that he’s kept up with his life insurance policy payments.

  3. Now if only they’d introduce some decent colours for the iPod minis. Most of the people I know buy silver, finding the other colours ‘candy like’, ‘sticky’, or ‘Disneyland’, to mention a few reactions. My German friends just say ‘kitschig’.
    Just imagine an iPod in anthracite, battleship grey, Sherwood Forest green, navy blue or old rose – to mention but a few.

  4. I must admit that I thought M$ would have cobbled up several competitors and crushed Apple by now.

    From a technical perspective… Apple really does have a good product that is produced on an excellent software and hardware platform. This is important because it gives users a good experience and Apple has the ability to make changes and additions to enhance the services provided by iTunes.

    Movies must be next.


  5. Charko,
    I kinda like the colors of the minis right now, but I completely agree with you that they should definitely make some more colors, especially for the shuffles. no choice other than plain white is just boring.

    Yeah, I know that there are a lot of products you can buy to personalize your iPod, but I’d rather have the color option right away without having to spend an extra 20 bucks. Plus, they just look so much better in the store if they have some color to them.

    Apple, now that you’ve got complete domination of the market, don’t slow up. Keep on surprising us with what your innovation.

  6. The article over at MacNN concludes:

    ” .. The note also indicated Apple may begin another heavy ad campaign highlighting Macs. Currently, Apple’s TV spots only feature the iPod, but the analyst is lookig to coming Mac ads to augment the halo effect ..”

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