Henrico school officials on Apple to Dell switch: The logo will change, but the tool is the same

“The logo will change, but the tool is the same. That was the message from Henrico County school officials, who said yesterday that they hope for a smooth transition next year in the switch from Apple iBooks to Dell laptops for all high school teachers and students,” Olympia Meola reports for The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

“Dell Inc. and Apple Computers Inc. were neck and neck until the home stretch, according to school officials. But a combination of factors — including a $4 million price difference — gave Dell the advantage,” Meola reports. “Dell offered the county 15,800 machines at $1,131 a piece compared with Apple’s $1,386 per-unit cost. The four-year, $17.9 million deal with Dell will still push the School Board over budget by about $250,000.”

Meola reports, “Meredyth Hoggatt, a history teacher and selection-committee member, said the move to Dell should be more of a transition than an attempt to reinvent the wheel… Adam Hall, a sophomore at Hermitage High School, said he is pleased with the planned switch to Dell, because it has a better operating system. ‘They’re better than what we have now,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Amazing Ignorance Alert! “The logo will change, but the tool is the same.” A Dell with Windows XP “has a better operating system” than they would with Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger.

We’d say that these dolts deserve what they’re going to get for the next four years, except it’s the students and the teachers who will suffer instead of the morons who were snowed by Dell and made this deal without looking past the initial sticker price.

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  1. What’s great is that after the first week of operation, when all the computers have viruses and porn ad on them and after the first year, when tech support has been living at the school fixing the dells, the parents in the school district and the rest of world won’t hear a single peep from the school board about how bad a decision they made.

  2. jeez, how much is support going to cost?? and what about liscensing for windows server? or maybe they didn’t run a server before, and just used laptops to internet…either way, totally sucks

  3. Typical union speak.
    Vote for vouchers and get this lousy layabout loser union out of our once great education system. Just read some of these comments and the spelling in the same. I would venture a guess that one or two of the posers-sorry- posters, even went to college. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool grin” style=”border:0;” />

  4. School officials said “The logo will change, but the tool is the same.”

    Ever wonder why home school kids get the top spots in educational contests, could it be the ignorance of school officials?

    P.O. BOX 23120
    RICHMOND, VA 23223-0420

    JOBLINE: (804) 501-5480 We need 200 IT people right away.

    FAX: (804) 652-3763 Don’t use this. We’re not sure how to use it yet.

    PHONE: (804) 652-3664

    TDD: (804) 652-3932 What’s TDD????

    Give them a buzz.

  6. Yup, Vincent, very funny read indeed. Here’s the Director of Technology:

    “Lloyd Brown, director of technology for Henrico schools, explained the features of the new Dell Inspiron 600M laptop. The screen is 14 inches compared to the iBook’s 12-inch screen. It has two USB ports and a track pad for moving the mouse. The Dells will utilize a Windows XP operating system.

    Brown also addressed the question of security — how to prevent students from accessing inappropriate web sites. First of all, he said, “The type of laptop does not have anything to do with security — it’s your filters. Therefore, security will be a challenge with any product.”

    Strange, and the iBooks don’t have two USB ports and a track pad? The Dell would utilize outdated technology like Windows XP. They could have had TIGER! But most of all, the type of laptop does not have anything to do with security, just filters! Filters, that’s all Windows users needed all this time. Who’d a thunk it?

    This dork doesn’t know the difference between web content blockers and anti-virus/worm software! Sad. Sad.

  7. “The logo will change, but the tool is the same…” They’re about to find out what ‘tools’ they are.

    Too bad about the kids. Don’t have much sympathy for the teachers or parents: as adults in this topsy turvy world, they need to be better informed and engaged in the shit that affects their kids and their money.

  8. Come on office …. pay too much for what you can gaet for free neooffice is sweet … even appleworks is better than that junk , i think iWork is almost perfect …. i doubt that those students whill use excell that much ….

    Sorry bad english .. I’m brazilian ….

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