Thurrott: Longhorn demos ‘unimpressive, fall short of graphical excellence found today in Mac OS X’

Paul Thurrott is writing about what he’s seeing at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) 2005 over on the Windows IT Pro website (he even brought his Apple Powerbook to the show – that should go over well).

Though the Longhorn demonstrations Gates and his minions provided were interesting, they were visually unimpressive, falling short of the graphical excellence found today in Apple’s Mac OS X. However, various Microsoft representatives told me that the Aero Glass user interface demonstrated during the keynote was not the final user experience and would instead by dramatically nicer looking in later beta releases. The Aero Glass interface that Gates demonstrated did support OS X-like transparencies, translucencies, animations, and other effects, however. Gates also showed off application scaling, which will help legacy applications display correctly on the high DPI displays of the future, and a sample media-oriented sample application that takes advantage of Longhorn’s display features.

Longhorn will feature a search box directly in the Start Menu because that’s where people start doing things in Windows, according to Microsoft. Longhorn will support virtual folders that collect links to documents into logical groups. For example, Longhorn will ship with virtual folders called All Documents, Authors, Keywords, Rating, Recent, and Types by default.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft promises Thurrott “a dramatically nicer looking” final user experience in later beta releases. How long can Microsoft keep up the charade of promises of better things to come in the future? “Later beta releases?!!!” Hello, Microsoft, anybody home? Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger ships on Friday. That’s this Friday, not the last one in 2006. Looks like even Thurrott is underwhelmed. Probably because he’s delving into Mac OS X Tiger by covering a feature per day on his Internet-Nexus blog here. Looking at Longhorn next to Mac OS X Tiger is like comparing Bea Arthur to Evangeline Lilly. Sorry, Bea. If Thurrott, of all people, remains unimpressed, Microsoft is doomed. What’s next, John Dvorak’s Apple “Switch” commercial?

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  1. Yeh-hessss, it’s fun to watch, isn’t it? I mean, look at these parasitic pundits start to cave. It’s like rats fleeing a sinking ship. I swear, these guys are running for cover faster than kids with brittle-bone disease caught in a hailstorm.

    Face it, all you Windows dorks — Microsoft is dying. The death throes of agony have begun. Yeh-hehessss . . . I hereby suggest that we begin the Official Microsoft Death Knell Counter right here and now. I mean, come onnnnn, it’ll be even more fun than watching Woody Allen’s career tank! Or Star Jones waistline expand.

    Heyyy, I keed the jewish . . . and the gluttonous.

  2. ” . . . the Aero Glass user interface . . . “

    Ohh, how brilliant! “Aero Glass”. Well it took Redmond long enough, but . . .

    . . . hopefully the Aero Glass on these new Windows will enable more of the mindless drones who use this operating system to see clearly through the “computer pane” — all the way to Mac OS X.

  3. Bah… Who writes this MDN commentary crap? You sound exactly like a Windows fanatic talking about .dll hacks; no better and certainly no less. This site is getting incredibly childish.

  4. “[…] ‘Aero Glass’. Well it took Redmond long enough […]”

    Actually, what even funnier is that shortly after Apple introduced “Aqua”, Microsoft showed “Aero.” Now that they’ve added translucency, they’ve stuck “Glass” onto the end.

    Oh, and Tiger begins support for high-resolution displays–part of the reason they are “discontinuing” QuickDraw…

  5. Get a load of the comments on that thread. Hilarious. Particularly from the Windows fanboys. They’re so dissapointed and embarassed by MS inability to make a decent OS.

    Translusent windows came out in 2001 with Mac OS X v10.0.
    iPod 2001
    iTunes, what, 2002.

    5 years later MS introduces, what, transluscent windows and a music store…..I’d be embarrassed too…..pathetic.

  6. Thurrott, overall, has been pretty kind to Macs lately. If Microsoft continues to stall and sputter, he may just switch for good! And then MDN will be much kinder to him.

    After all, would YOU want to run a “Super Site For Windows” with nothing to report but the latest delay of the release of vastly inferior vaporware or the latest, greatest security patch? Keep in mind, he’ll have to do this for the next YEAR AND A HALF. Methinks he’s gonna be using that PowerBook a LOT.

    MDN Magic Word: become
    Thurrott will become disenfranchised with Microsoft.

  7. Can somebody explain to me, please, the use of an “authors” smart folder? Unless it automatically filters out documents that I created, it’s just gonna show me every single document on my computer.

    There must be something pretty obvious here that I’m not getting.

  8. Paul really hasn’t proven he’s warmed up to Macs… one does not convert (or switch) just by declaring it or by writing few favorable comments about OS X. I’ll believe him when he FULLY switches over. Methinks he’s experiencing very slow stream of news from MS these days, well, with Longhorn being such a vaporware and all.

    MDN Magic word: church
    As in “Paul hasn’t been baptized at the church of OS X.”

  9. I like the way he calls the people here children for accusing microsoft of taking the “it just works” slogan, he counters that it has been mentioned in reference to microsoft for many years. He fails to realise that saying something just works isn’t the same as actually just working.

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