Apple Q2 2005 Macintosh and iPod unit results

For the fiscal second quarter 2005, Apple has stated the following information regarding units sold in an 8 – K filing today:

iMac, eMac, Mac mini = 467,000 (vs. 217,000 for Q2 2004, +115%) — (456,000 for Q1 2005)
iBook = 251,000 (vs. 201,000 for Q2 2004, +25%) — (271,000 for Q1 2005)
PowerMac G5, Xserve = 141,000 (vs. 174,000 for Q2 2004, -19%) — (167,000 for Q1 2005)
PowerBook = 211,000 (vs. 157,000 for Q2 2004, +34%) — (152,000 for Q1 2005)
iPod = 5,311,000 (vs. 807,000 for Q2 2004, +558%) — (4,580,000 for Q1 2005)

Total Mac units = 1,070,000 (vs. 749,000 for Q2 2004, +43%) — (1,046,000 for Q1 2005)

Full 8 – K information here.

[UPDATE: 1/14/2005, 1:20pm ET: corrected total unit sales figure.]

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  1. I really hope they have a new powermac to unveil soon. This is getting pathetic.

    Hopefully they will have someting at NAB and noot make the market wait until the developers conf.

  2. They never release unit breakdowns for PowerMac vs. Mac mini vs. Xserve, or for the various iPods. Although that doesn’t stop at least one person on the conference call to ask that question. I’d like to know too but understand why they don’t.

  3. Yeah, PowerMac sales were weak…very weak. But what do you expect when the last time Apple updated them was October 2004?

    I mean, what is Apple thinking going 5-6 months between updates? At least adjust prices once per quarter to keep sales revving, even if you have no new hardware.

    Instead, we have this curious and mystifying behavior from Apple where they allow sales in a Macintosh line to decline 20% or more, and waiting months to correct that decline.

    Otherwise, the numbers look very good, but PowerMac is a huge drag to an otherwise stupendous quarter.

  4. PowerMac G5 sales keep faltering. Disappointing. They are going to have to do something to spark pro sales.

    Nonetheless, what an incredible quarter for Apple. 4.5 mil iPods Q1 ’05? Amazing.

    What were those analysts saying today about Apple can’t possibly meet its mark? Egg in your face.

  5. Apple sold more iPods this quarter than the Xmas quarter?!?!?!

    And the ANALysts said that the Xmas quarter could not be repeated?

    And Apple stock goes down in aftermarket trading?

    Something is wrong here.

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