Dashboard, QuickTime 7, Automator are Mac users’ most anticipated Tiger features

“Mac fans are getting keyed up for the immanent [sic] launch of Tiger, which, according to Apple, will launch in the first half of this year. Macworld readers were asked: ‘What Tiger feature are you looking forward to the most?’ in an online poll. With 1,532 votes cast it emerged that more than a quarter (29 per cent) were most excited about Dashboard,” Macworld UK reports. “Almost another quarter (24 per cent) is looking forward to searching with Spotlight. ‘Crystal clear video in QuickTime 7’ was the most popular choice of 15 per cent of readers. While the next popular new feature, Automator, was the choice of 7 per cent. Less popular choices were iChat AV (5 per cent), ‘Up-to-the-minute RSS feeds in Safari’ (3 per cent), .Mac Sync (2 per cent) and ‘VoiceOver’s spoken English interface’ (1 per cent).”

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Tour Mac OS X Tiger online here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not to single out one feature, but we’re really looking forward to Tiger’s Automator and hope it lives up to its promise.

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  1. Actually, one of the things I’m looking forward to is improved support for “Zones” (to use the AppleTalk term) in Rendezvous. This will make it easier to find my home machine from work.

    It’s the one reason I might buy a dot-Mac subscription next year, as I’m sure my cable operator won’t support it…

  2. DashBoard followed by iChat AV, SpotLight, QuickTime 7, Safari RSS. Oh yeah, and Core Image, that looks sweeeeeet! Looking forward to new apps that take advantage of that technology.

  3. IChat AV. This has to be the single most compelling feature of Tiger. If it works anything like the demo online. It will rock. Why you may ask. Everyone can understand it, and what it can do for them, just by seeing it. Every teenager will want it, to talk to all of their friends. or to see their boyfriend/girlfriend. Every grandma with a grandchild in another City will want it. I can see people buying Macs just for this feature and not using for anything but iChat.

  4. MDN-

    Just wanted to point out that your headline is a little misleading. When I saw it I thought, “Huh, I can’t believe Spotlight was on that list.” Then I read the article and realized it actually finished way ahead of the second and third items you mentioned. There are bigger issues to worry about in the world, to be certain, but I still think your headline needs an update!

  5. English Teacher is correct. They used ‘immanent’ when they meant ‘imminent’. Two similar words, but the latter is correct.

  6. I’ve been buying Macs since 1984 (and Apple since 1981) and I still haven’t gotten laid because of a computer. Hopefully Tiger will change that!

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