Microsoft dismisses threat of Apple’s ‘iPod Halo Effect’

“Microsoft claims it is still on track to deliver the Longhorn next generation of the Windows operating system during the second quarter of 2006 despite knock-on delays from XP Service Pack 2, and has dismissed Apple’s claims of the iPod ‘halo effect’ denting the PC market,” Jo Best writes for Longhorn’s “development process was already delayed when security developers were pulled off working on Longhorn to contribute to XP SP2. ‘It’s the internal culture – anything to do with security, we get it out the door as soon as possible. The more pain the customer feels, the worse it is for us,’ Crossley told”

Best reports, “With Apple’s own next gen OS, Tiger, widely expected to debut this month – almost a year before Longhorn’s scheduled release – Apple execs have hinted they expect to be copycatted by Redmond rival. Crossley said she expected technological crossovers but denied they would be deliberate. ‘We do a load of research into what people want and funnily enough so does Apple – it’s not hard to work it out… Will I be surprised if there are similarities? No.’ And despite reports to the contrary, Crossley said Redmond has seen no halo effect from iPod users shunning PCs in favour of Macs. ‘We haven’t seen it yet,’ she said. ‘We’re not happy about losing any market share,’ Crossley said. ‘We worry less about ‘losing share’ and more about what else we can get into… we want to do it all.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s hardly newsworthy that Microsoft strives to be a Jack of all trades and ends up being a master of none, but to hear that they haven’t seen iPod users shunning PCs in favor of Macs “yet” implies that they do expect it in the future even while others are seeing the effect happening already.

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  1. I would be happy if Apple would just double their market share.

    I would be ecstatic if Apple market share would hit 10%. This would make more applications developers wake up and start writing more apps for Mac OS X.

    Here is my wishlist of apps for Mac OS X. If you know of any, please let me know.

    1) Home Architecture software ( I know SketchUp exists, but it would be great if there were something good for less than $100.00 )

    2) GPS mapping software ( I know GPSy exists but it runs in Classic mode). I wish Garmin or DeLorme would support Mac OS X.

  2. If there were no Apple or Linux (for that matter), Microsoft would have a very difficult time being that an OS built around proprietary components hampers innovation. That was Apple’s problem before OSX. Of course innovation will find a way regardless, but by extending the ideas from the open platforms. Two examples: cygwin (brings open source to the Windows platform), iPodLinux opens up the iPod’s capabilities by adding open source Linux. As more innovations happen with Linux on the iPod, Apple will be forced to include those features to the iPod OS to keep users from switching to the totally open Linux on the iPod. It’s the hacker (pushing the envelope) mentality that keeps the commercial OS makers on their toes.

    Last example: Virginia Tech’s decision to use the G5 for their super computer was a relatively risky move being that the G5 had just been released, they had to create their own software to make everything work smoothly. They helped to add legitimacy to using Macs for HPC computing. This was mainly feasible because of MacOSX’s Unix roots. Microsoft is playing catchup by creating a version of Windows for HPC. All of the major players need each other. Don’t forget that many of the “new” features that are being Hyped in each of these systems has been around since Commodore’s AmigaOS, Atari’s MultiTOS and various projects from Xerox PARC of past decades.

  3. BTW, Does anyone know any decent infrared software for Macs running MacOSX that have built-in infrared ports? I like the fact that I can place my Nokia 3650 next to my Sony’s IR port to transfer pictures and stuff. Perhaps some of the software made for syncing Newtons could be adapted for other more contemporary devices. I know that Bluetooth is the best option but I hate swapping my Bluetooth dongle all over the place since my PB Pismo has the IR.

  4. On the topic of the Newton, I gave away my 2100 because of the lack of contemporary innovative software. If Linux could be brought to the iPod, why can’t it be brought to the Newton, wouldn’t that make it more useful, something like a co-operating system the way that cygwin is for Windows.

  5. Dear Johnny One Nut, I work in the “real world”. I doubt you do. I don’t give a shit what everyone else out there uses. It doesn’t matter to me. My company is a leader instead of a follower for that same reason. You may be a sheep, sitting there worrying in your poor little pants every night about what “everyone else” does. Buying the same shitty computer they did somehow makes you think you are on the right track. Guess again.

    My “real” computer is a Mac. It doesn’t get infected with worms, viruses, popups, spyware, or any of that other stuff that takes away many billable hours each week. It gets the job done.

    So, instead of reading the same trade mags and wishing you knew what the hell you were talking about, try finding out for yourself what the best tool is and start using a Mac. Be a leader, boy, instead of a follower.

    Tell me Johnny 1-nut, what do you use down there at the 7-11 to make your Slurpees? Is that what the “real world” uses? You want to talk real world? OK, tell us what line of work you are in and what credentials you have to make these judgements.

  6. The chest thumpin´ Mac is never wrong defenders are on the loose!!!
    (Probably one guy using lots of different names.)
    Is high school out early today????

    Me -own mac and pc. They are computers. I have no problems with either. I spend my time in the programs, not the OS.

  7. Jimbo von Winskinheimer :My “real” computer is a Mac. It doesn’t get infected with worms, viruses, popups, spyware, or any of that other stuff that takes away many billable hours each week. It gets the job done.

    JIMBO – like Wow IMMMMMpressed.
    Uh…what´s your “unreal” computer?

    You mean none of those umpteen gazillion windows pcs don´t work? Gosh, got to tell your boss at work that the pc you are using doesn´t work and you sit all day long with your thumb up where the sun don´t shine writing emails to a mac fan site.

    Jimbo, we have APPLes and peeeeeceeees at our office. None are down….all working.

  8. We got one PC in work and it’s shit, no one uses it. We all use our shiny G5’s ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    I’d rather have a G5 on my desk than a Dull or HP or Cheng Shin or Gateway etc.

    Macs Rule, PC’s Suck Ass Big Time.

  9. The Duke wrote “Does Microsoft still sell an operating system? I forgot about them back in 2002, a few weeks after I bought my first Mac.”

    Right on, Duke! I feel the same way too–except I forgot about all those other OSes back in 1984 when I bought my first (THE first) Mac. I haven’t looked back in 21 years now…. Ahhhh.

  10. “Not the jimbo” wants to know what my “unreal” computer is. I don’t have one. However, I do have to use a PC from time to time for work. Most of the work done on that one is plugging security holes and updating virus mappings.

    The “umpteen gazillion” PCs out there are the ones I’m talking about. You know, the ones that have a shitty OS with more holes than swiss cheese. You know, the ones with over 60,000 viruses available. You know, the ones that run a poor copy of Mac OS 9, aka Windows XP. You know, the ones that people spend more time trying to protect than they do getting work done.

    I am using a Mac. It doesn’t ever crash – EVER – so I don’t have to inform the boss that it’s not working. That means that I bill my time, excluding breaks, efficiently. See, I am allowed to take a break here & there to read MDN, much like 7-11 probably gives you a potty/smoke break.

    My point, in case you missed it, was that Johnny 1-nut is a mindless sheep. He believes that because most people use a PC with Windoze then it must be the best. He’s wrong. I’ve used PCs, Macs and everything else in between for decades. I choose Mac because I found it to be the best tool. He choosed PC because everyone else does.

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