Podcasting grows to 6 million listeners

“Twenty-nine percent of U.S. adults who own MP3 players like Apple Computer’s iPod say they have downloaded podcast programs from the Internet, according to the study released Sunday by the Pew Internet and American Life Project,” Reuters reports. “That means more than 6 million people are listening to a form of communication that emerged only last year, according to the nonprofit group.”

“Podcasters create radio-like programs of commentary, music or humor, which are saved in MP3 audio format and posted online. Listeners are automatically notified when a new podcast is available,” Reuters reports. “The Pew Internet and American Life Project based its survey on telephone interviews with 208 digital-media player owners between Feb. 21 and March 21. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 7.5 percentage points.”

Full article here.

Louis Ramirez writes for The Washington Post, “Pioneered by former MTV VJ Adam Curry, a podcast is basically an audio blog, a program recorded into an MP3 file that you can post or pick up at sites online. You don’t need an iPod — or a Mac — to create or listen to one, and unlike commercial radio, podcasts don’t have to conform to FCC regulations, so there’s no limit to what you can say. Want to showcase your best friend’s band or embark on an expletive-filled rant about the state of the union? Here’s how.”

Ramirez’s article “How To Create Your Own Podcasts” here.

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  6. These are some of the Mac podcasts I listen to. Subscription links included.

    MacCast – http://homepage.mac.com/phylaxis/maccast/rss.xml
    MacHelp from Maui – http://www.machelpmaui.com/rss.xml
    Radio Mac Guys – http://feeds.feedburner.com/RadioMacguysPodcast
    Apple Log – http://apple.quicksurf.com/wp-rss2.php?cat=10
    MyMacGuys – http://www.mymacguy.net/podcast/dircaster.php
    MyMac – http://www.mymac.com/newsfeed.rss

    And the grand daddies of Mac podcasts (before there were podcasts)…
    Your Mac Life – http://www.yourmaclife.com/backend/podcast.xml
    Inside Mac Radio – http://www.osxfaq.com/rss/radio.xml

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