Apple iPod Camera Connector now available for order

TheiPod Camera Connector provides a fast, easy way to transfer images from your digital camera to your iPod photo.

The online Apple Store states, “Simply plug the iPod Camera Connector into the iPod dock connector, plug your camera’s USB cable and watch your images make their way to the iPod, ready to view in a slide show! Compatible with iPod photo (30/40/60GB). Requires iPod software v1.1. See for supported cameras.”

The Apple iPod Camera Connector retails for US$29.00 and ships in “1-3 weeks.”

For more information: iPod Camera Connector


  1. Fred, it probably will with jpegs. But unfortunately, the RAW file format’s not likely to be supported. And if you have that camera (I do too) you want to shoot RAW.

    Considering the smallest jpegs it makes is 6.3 megapixel, it could fill up that iPod photo quickly! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I want to get an iPod photo 60GB just for storing pictures, on my road trips i take thousands of pictures, and would like to be able to empty my card on the ipod.

  3. “can you download images to a non photo iPod or is the belkin adapter better (and cheaper) as an alternative”


    The Belkin is $80 and the size of the iPod! I am a fan of Belkin products, but that one blows!

    The support for RAW, well I will see about that. That is kind of a biggie. But for the ability to dump all my photos onto the iPod Photo and then start shooting again – HUGE! Now my new iPod Photo is a business write off!

  4. Just some notes:

    The iPod photo supports a wide range of file types.
    On the Mac: JPG, GIF, Tiff, Pict, PNG, jpg 2000, SGI, and BMP.
    And for the PC: JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PNG.

    Using the Belkin Media Reader and Belkin Digital Camera Link:
    You can use the Belkin Media Reader or Belkin Digital Camera Link for iPod to transfer your images to the iPod. However, to view the images directly on your iPod photo you will need to import them into your computer first, then have them updated to your iPod photo.

    [Apparently, you CANNOT shoot and see!]

    I have been unable to find any reference to a list of particular cameras that are compatible. This includes the iPod photo users manual and the Belkin Digital Camera Link users manual as well as the Apple website. It seems that any camera or reader with a USB port will work.

    To ” Eric”: If my math is right, if you have a 60Gb iPod photo and your camera produces 6Mb image files, you’ll need to shoot 10,000 images to fill it up. Do you shoot that much before downloading it into your computer?

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