BofA analyst: Mac mini likely to significantly strengthen Apple’s market share

Analyst Keith Bachman of Banc of America Securities maintained his “buy” rating on Apple Computer (AAPL) with his target price of $48.

Apple Computer’s Mac Mini product portfolio is likely to significantly strengthen the company’s market share and distribution channels in the long term and that the company would witness substantial opportunities for market share gains in the forthcoming quarters through third-party channels, without employing much capital, Bachman stated today in a research note.



  1. Apple needs to offer a nicely designed KVM switch for PC owners, so they can switch back and forth. Hell, I could use one myself for the two G4s I use at work.

  2. Right neomonkey,

    I hope Apple finally wake up to this.
    Most computer users don’t know about these switches. I’ve explained them to a few who were interested in the mini and they were amazed.
    With a big KVM/mini campaign, Apple could substantially increase their sales.

  3. While we are listing wants, how about a reintroduction of the “Studio” line of Apple LCD Monitors? I bought a nice Samsung 17″ LCD for my Mom’s new Mac mini I got her for her B-day. The only problem is that the lower priced monitors all use VGA instead of DVI. Since Samsung/Phillips source the LCD panels for Apple, a 17″ styled to match the Mac mini with DVI should be possible for something approaching the $279 (US) I paid.

  4. neomonkey,

    You’re right. The choice for KVM is pretty lame. If you want to get a DVI switcher, the choice is even worse. The one I own is the Mini DVI switcher from Gefen. The support has been terrible and the product buggy as hell. Don’t buy from Geffen!
    An iSwitch form Apple would be a great thing indeed.

  5. In France, I have ordered a Mac Mini Customized on 17th of Janauary. My Retailer – on my request asked Apple about délivery delays. Answer from Apple was: impossible to fix a date ! mor than seven weeks….. eight weeks ….. more… nobody kows. Congratulation Mr Steve Jobs, I don’t thinks you wioll be able to gave satisfaction to PC users. They get a PC without delay.

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