Motorola says iTunes phone unveiling delay not caused by dispute with carriers

“Motorola Inc. postponed plans Thursday to unveil a cell phone that can buy and play songs from Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes download service, a sudden decision which may reflect tensions with cellular companies who also want to sell music to mobile phone users,” The Associated Press reports. “The company briefed reporters on the new offering earlier in the week and planned to unveil the phone at the big CeBIT technology show here. Motorola’s two-story exhibition booth included a display of iMacs running iTunes, but the new phones weren’t there.”

“Motorola spokeswoman Monica Rohleder said in Chicago that the company remains in discussions with a number of wireless carriers regarding the first iTunes phone and will announce it ‘when it’s ready to go,’ close to its expected release time this summer,” AP reports. “She asserted that the last-minute change in plans was no reflection of a dispute with carriers who offer Motorola phones in their handset lineups. ‘Absolutely nothing went wrong,’ she said. ‘It was solely our decision to hold off the announcement.’ Volker Haebel, marketing director of Motorola’s German division, said a launch could come in the United States within a few weeks. ‘The partners have to dance together,’ he said, referring to the marriage of Motorola’s cell phones with Apple’s music platform. ‘You have to find the rhythm.’ He said the iTunes program would work just like the version available to computer users. The software would be compatible, and people who download iTunes to their phones would then be able to transfer the songs to their computers and portable iPod music players.”

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  1. “The software would be compatible, and people who download iTunes to their phones would then be able to transfer the songs to their computers and portable iPod music players.”

    download iTunes? thought it was ONLY playback of protected AAC tracks that you acquired on your computer and then transferred to your Motorola phone..

    this is something “new”

  2. I agree, hopefully this means much faster online access included with these phones. I imagine carriers who add on a tax per song will simply drive many to download at home using iTunes directly, but some will pay over $0.99 and wonder why. Hey this is great for people with phones but no computers. They DO still exist out there. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Phone comanies have an automatic pricing advantage over iTMS. Depending on the transaction value iTMS will be paying 3% – 25% in credit card fees. Phone carriers have billing systems set up, usually direct debit with much lower fixed fees anyway plus all they do is add another line to the bill.

  4. Like the 3Ghz Power Mac that was supposed to come out nearly 2 years ago, this is the last you will hear of the MotoiPodo for a long time.

    The phone was ready to announce/debut today – somebody with lots of power told Moto to forget it.

    (Does Microsoft own any shares in phone companies or sit on the boards of any?)

  5. Moto acting like amateurs.

    First, they blow it by demoing iTunes on a turd of a phone at 3GSM, and then say it isn’t the real iTunes phone.

    Now, they crawdad on the launch they were hyping earlier.

    Dumb PR, worse execution. And Jobs is sitting by letting this happen and draging iTunes image and all that goodwill down the toilet.


  6. Well , the iTunes Music Store corner of the Motorola stand at the CeBIT exebihtion looked a little stange with no Motorola-iTunes phones when i visited it thursday. Lot’s of macs though ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />
    My dizzy mobile camera photo of the stand:

  7. “The best thing since Larry David”? Seinfeld was overhyped and his HBO show just plain sucks. Larry David sucks.

    MDN magic word: “reaction” as in Larry David gives me a negative reaction

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