Bill O’Reilly giving away 20GB Apple iPod has announced that to mark the launch of the downloadable MP3 version of the Radio Factor, the site is giving away a 20GB Apple iPod (retail value $299).

Bill O’Reilly is best known as host of “The O’Reilly Factor,” seen weeknights on the Fox News Channel, which continues to dominate the television cable news ratings, consistently ranking as the highest rated cable news show for more than two years. It is also carried in dozens of foreign countries, according to

The winner will be selected on Friday, March 11.

Rules and entry form here.


  1. Funny. O’Reilly’s announcing a new feature for his RADIO show, and he’s giving away a device that doesn’t pick up radio signals. Cute.

    I guess it’s a good way to drive people to his site, though. But how come just ONE? Cheap-o.

    Man, the iPod is really, truly everywhere in society if O’Reilly’s giving one away.

  2. I don’t care about the politics – if he’s giving it away for free, who cares? What can he do? Is he gonna make someone sign a “I’m a conservative” registration card to get it?

  3. Kind of funny…
    Some of the best and most conservative radio talk hosts on the planet are Apple enthusiasts, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, yet Apple is one of the most liberal companies in the world. If Steve Jobs would get his liberal head out of his tail and advertise on these shows, he’d see his share of the PC market SKYROCKET!!! Rush is a BIG MacHead and always praises Apple even though he doesn’t agree with their political stance. Goes to show a conservative will call a good thing a good thing no matter who it comes from where a lib will bash anything without evaluating it.

  4. doPi O’Reilly’s godawful radio show (I like talk radio and O’Reilly’s radio show sucks) is a Westwood One (CBS/Viacom) product not a Fox product.

    MDN Magic Word: “There” as in I wish O-Reilly wasn’t there on WJFK-FM between the Junkies and Don & Mike causing Stern to get cut-off at 10am.

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