Bear Stearns says Apple has accelerated its pace of innovation, reiterates ‘outperform’ rating

“Bear Stearns reiterated an ‘outperform’ rating on Apple Computer (AAPL), saying the company has accelerated its pace of innovation. ‘We expect further innovation in Mac, music and beyond,’ the research firm said, adding that new products that may not fit into the hardware or software bucket, but may be ‘synergistic and adjacent,'” Forbes reports. “Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer indicated the company has no intentions to initiate a dividend or to buy back stock in the near term, and has no plans to license its OS X operating system to other PC OEMs.”

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  1. I can’t wait to hear the results of the latest quarter. I really want to know how many Mac minis were sold. Plus, it would seem as if updated G5 towers are coming. Something needs to be done with them to drive up their sales. The G5 tower was the only computer that saw less units sold than a year ago.

  2. The G5 iMac is so damn good that it’s taken sales that would otherwise have gone PowerMac. Simple.

    I also think the Min will have taken sales that might have gone iBook before.

    All in all it’ll grow at twice the rate of PC’s – well into 25% zone so that’ll be quite good enough.

  3. Macaday, you’re right about the iMac G5. People just love it. With the exception of those manufactured in Oct 2004 (melting cases apparently), the iMac G5 is a great value.

    I just wonder how many small to medium sized creative firms are holding on to their dual 867 G4s? I know in my own small little world, the pros that would use the G5 are for some reason holding out for one more revision. If this is a repeatable case, then maybe that 25% growth can double b/c of growth in sales of the G5 tower.

    As always, time will tell. Nonetheless, time to buy Apple stock while it is on sale.

  4. although the sales of g5 towers may have slowed now,what will happen when all those people who bought the imac g5 start looking for a replacement? i feel a large portion of them will upgrade to a tower.while those who may have bought a mac mini buy into the new imac?let the cycle begin-anywho – this is my wish…
    personally i am waiting for the next revision of the tower or the g5 laptop-whichever comes first.(so probably a tower) still running a g4 500 sawtooth at home! -@work i have a dual 1.8 g5 with 3gigs of ram-so in my my world i am chomping at the bit to get some power!
    all this talk of the cell processor and dual cores has me thinking though-next year could be an insanely great year!

  5. The thing about the G5 towers is that they are so big and ugly that home users may not want them (ok – that’s me). Yeah, I could use the power, but I don’t really need it right now, and I do not want an all in one machine like the iMac.

    I still feel that they can do a dual processor, easy to upgrade, headless aluminum cube. They can grate the whole top if they want to – to help on the passive cooling; making the machine more quiet. That’s what I want. That’s what I am waiting for.

    In the meantime, I bought me a mini mac to spend the time and play with, just because it was a machine worth buying. Hey, produce insanely great products, and I’ll buy them. It is that simple.

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