Dell debuts new 30GB Dell DJ music player for US$299

Dell today took the wraps off a 30-gigabyte Dell DJ music player that sells for $299. “Dell said the titanium-encased device can hold up to 15,000 songs and works with online music services such as those from Napster Inc.and Musicmatch,” Rex Crum reports for CBS MarketWatch. “Gretchen Miller, Dell’s director of mobile product marketing, said the company considers its music players part of ‘how we deliver a set of personal entertainment’ to customers who want to take advantage of subscription music services. In early February, Napster debuted its Napster To Go service, which allows for unlimited song downloads for customers that pay a monthly fee of $14.95.”

“Dell released the new DJ a day after Apple Computer unveiled a 30-gigabyte version of its iPod photo player, which can hold up to 7,500 songs or 25,000 digital pictures,” Crum reports. “Apple claims to have sold more than 10 million iPods to date. Dell doesn’t break out individual product sales numbers.”

Full article here.

See the new Dell Digital Jukebox here.


  1. If it looks like a Dell, walks like a Dell, and smells like a Dell, it’s a Dell. Dell Jukebox will never be an iPod. I can just imagine the embarassment of a teen carrying a Dell piece of crap while other teens are struttin the ultra cool iPod. You’ll never see the Dell Jukebox because people will be concealing them underneath their clothes to avoid humiliation. DELL = UNCOOL. PERIOD!!!

  2. “Dell doesn’t break out individual product sales numbers.”

    So, they combine it with what? All the MP3 players that they have or do they go as far as combining with their PC units? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Stop being such a wuss just because you didn’t managed to get first post here Neo!
    Anyway, just took a look at the new jukebox and I have to admit that it does look a whole lot better than the old version. Too bad its still has the same crappy slide bars n that stupid scrool wheel.

    Won’t be caught dead with a piece of crap from Hell anyway, so no loss.

  4. “Dell said the titanium-encased device can hold up to 15,000 songs…”

    Yeah, if you don’t care if they sound like ass.

    Magic word: “real”, as in, “Get real.”

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