Apple updates iPod photo packaging, de-emphasizes ‘photo’

“In releasing newly affordable iPod photo hardware, Apple Computer has changed the product’s packaging to a thinner and highly attractive black and metal foiled design. Metal foil is used for the box’s front text, while an all-black matte background highlights the metallic luster,” iPodlounge reports.

iPodlounge has a photo of the box which shows that Apple has “dramatically” de-emphasized the word ‘photo’ on its front, reducing it to a tiny badge underneath the letters “PC” in Apple’s “PC+Mac” portion of the packaging. “This contrasts markedly with Apple’s new iPod mini packaging, which continues to grant the word ‘mini’ equal prominence with the iPod name,” iPodlounge reports.

Full article with image here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s obviously working on the iPod photo line. As Apple doesn’t break out individual iPod models from sales totals, nobody really knows for sure how well the first iPod photo units sold. Of course, the iPod photo is the most full-featured iPod with the color screen, nicer system font, ability to display album art, large drive capacity, extended battery life, and the photo features, but it also carried a stiff price tag upon launch, so one would guess that sales naturally weren’t as robust as, say, the iPod 20GB. Now, with new lower prices and packaging, Apple seems to be positioning iPod photo for a marked sales increase. We bet that a lot of those 30GB iPod photo units start showing up all over in coming months.


  1. 30GB or 60GB with the new Digital Photo connector






  2. It’s marketing psychology. My guess is the the iPod Photos aren’t selling at all well. Actually emphasising a function people aren’t primarily buying it for works against the product and makes it off-putting (and weakens the brand)- especially so when fashion is involved and everyone wants to join their mates in the iPod ‘music’ party.

    I can see the whole iPod ‘craze’ reaching its peek VERY SOON (perhaps even this quarter). Apple will need the play things very carefully from here on. I would even say that the iPod shuffle is a mistake… not in the short term, but in the long term it could ‘wear out’ the brand and the market position Apple have spend years building.

  3. Smart to play down the “photo”. I’ve been very seriously asked by several people: “Does the iPod photo also play music?”

    Oh… They were all windows users, so I guess that explains it. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I wonder if this strategy involves looking ahead to larger drive sizes for the mini. Eventually the drives will be as big as the regular iPod is now, so maybe Apple is angling to have the Photo become the normal iPod so there is a clear distinction between the lines?

    Maybe I’m just talking out of my ass.

  5. I would not be surprised that eventually all the iPods will have color eventually. Right now there is only one non color iPod (can’t include the U2 special edition).

    That could explain the de-emphasis on Photo.

  6. I suspect this is part of Apple’s strategy to drop the ‘photo’ from the iPod name. Once the entire iPod line moves to colour screens with photo capability, there won’t be a need to distinguish between a regular iPod and one with a ‘photo’ attached to its name.

  7. Brian D..

    well first of all.. there’s nothing about the word iPod that means music.. so calling it the iPod photo means.. well.. is it still able to play music.. what’s it for?

    like chuch said

  8. Am I the only one who thinks it should read “Mac + PC”? They’re catering to the PC crowd too much, why not make two button mouses/mice standard too?

    Maybe I’m just being picky…

  9. u kidding Twenty Benson? Apple is now on thin ground and the “craze” will be over after “this quarter”? How high are you? I’m not saying the iPod is always going to rule, but it seems to be continuing to best the other players. It’s very early in the game, to be sure, but that actually argues for Apple to enjoy at least a year of time at their peak.

    You can blather on all you want about “weakening” the brand, but by providing options at both the low and high end, they met niches that otherwise would have gone for devices by other manufacturers.

  10. rent v own,

    more or less share your opinion.

    There are superficial ‘crazes’ that die quickly and quietly; but we’re talking here of a very useful device – the way people listen to music – plus lifestyle/fashion.
    There’ll be portable MP3-players for a good few years now. How long Apple dominates the market is another question. But there are many millions now with music on their computers and iPods in Apple’s format.
    The iPod has become a standard.
    Apple will have to make a series of very bad mistakes to mess this one up, and the recent iPod mini update shows that they’re doing just the opposite – they’re right on the ball!

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