Report: More advanced iPod games on the way

“With every iPod model set to adopt a color screen this year, Apple appears ready to expand the music player’s extra capabilities, especially its bundled games,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret. “A recent job posting from Apple on Gamasutra, a recruiting site for the game industry, seeks a programmer with ‘experience working with embedded systems’ who would in part be ‘responsible for rapidly developing memory and performance optimized software solutions to complex problems.'”

“More intriguing than the general job description and qualifications are the optional qualifications, which include ‘ARM7 RISC processor experience.’ Apple’s iPods are powered by a chip from PortalPlayer that is based on the 32-bit ARM7 processor,” Katz reports.

Full article here.


  1. I only hope these new games are more enticing than those existing on my iPod mini.
    I looked at them once and I’ve never opened them again.
    It’s the music, silly!

  2. Mind you, I may not be the best to say anything about this, because I love games, and also need the most powerful mac for my business, but I have no trouble gaming on my Mac, no matter what game, I have all but abandoned my PC in the gaming department.

  3. Oh man. This is GREAT. There are sooo many young people (well, younger than me, anyway!) who play portable games on little devices. This’ll give them all just ONE MORE REASON to shell out for an iPod. Has Apple been anticipating every possible contingency lately or what!?!!!!!

  4. Kath Day-Knight,

    Music Quiz is GREAT, it interacts with your music library. You have to guess the name of the song playing, select it with the scroll wheel and the faster, the more points you get.
    Very nice thinking from Apple, for making a game around music.

    I hope to see more of these.

  5. You know what might be cool? A music quiz. Let’s see how well you know your own collection. The iPod could play you a one-second clip from one of its thousands of tracks and give you 10 seconds to find it in the menu.

    (The magic word is “york”. Odd. A proper noun? But it’s not capitalized. Around my house, “york” means “vomit”…)

  6. Lord Robin,

    Uh, I don’t know if your trying to be funny or not, but my 3G iPod has a game on it called, surprise, surprise, “Music Quiz” that plays an audio clip of a song and there’s a list with 5 song names and you have to pick the correct song before the timer runs out. So, plug your buds in and go nuts with that.

  7. Gee, all iPods could soon have Color Breakout. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

    Too bad Apple wants to do it all themselves. Everybody knows that the All In One is coming (combo music player, cell phone, camera, presenter, PDA, wallet, game deck), and as long as the doors are locked in Cupertino it’s unlikely to be from Apple. Such a shame, the iPod could be so much more than a music player and photo-flipper.

  8. Yeah, but when are they gonna put a game in the shuffle? I want a Laser-pointer on mine projecting a dancing silhouette because … because … “because” is the MAW.

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