RUMOR: New 2GHz Apple iMac G5 model due soon

“Several tipsters are reporting that, like the iPod mini, iMacs are suddenly reflecting wait times of 7-10 business days for direct orders from the Apple online store. iMacs had previously shown ‘same business day’ ship estimates… sources close to the company claim that the flow of G5 microprocessors from IBM has improved significantly over the past few months. Apple, at its discresion, could improve on the iMac’s performance anytime, sources said. The iMac continues to be a hot seller in February, and such a move would aim to preserve the iMacs momentum, sources added. A 2GHz iMac has been stable for some time. Meanwhile, reports from inside the company hint that a significant announcement will be made on or around Wednesday of next week,” AppleInsider reports.

Full article here.


  1. 2GHz iMac? And what will it cost, like 2 grand?

    Big frickin’ deal. You can pick up a Dell Dimension 2400 with a 2.4GHz processor for about $350. Hmmm… 2 grand for a slower machine? I don’t think so.

    And you Mac zealots wonder why the other 98.2% of the computing world laughs at you!

  2. Even though Apple has the fastest top end computers that sell for less than the Dell equivalent, I still think it’s high time Apple unleashes a better PowerMac. They are far off the timeline when they introduced the G5, but the success of the iPod and MiniMac have kept everyone happy. Now it’s time for them to unleash the 3ghz G5.

  3. NoMacForYou, for your $350, do you get a 20″ Cinema Display quality moniter in 1/4th the footprint, a slot-loading Superdrive, no noise, no power supply to trip on, no external speakers to spill on, no blue screen of death, no bat/exec files, no control/alt/delete, no going to the start menu to shut down, no searching for my apps/no Fisher Price non-transparent interface, no apps that quit when you accendently hit the window button, no waiting to come out of sleep mode, no installing an internal firewire card to have 1394, and no extra cable clutter unless I choose.
    For any person that uses it, the $79 iLife suite that is included for free is far worth more than twice the $350 your empty box cost.

    Me and my Mac and out smaller percentage laugh in YOUR face, NoBrainsForYou.

    I know, I know, I replied to a troll…I just couldn’t help it today. Sorry

  4. no, what is really needed now is a mid-level corporate powermac for $1400. You provide us with a 2ghz single G5, 512MB ram, 128 meg AGP graphics, 120GB HD, 17″ LCD, keyboard and 2-button mouse. Give us that and many companies will rethink Dells and HPs.

  5. You mac ffols – our wintel PCs are so much faster – you guys will never be able tin infect you computers with virus’s, spyware, etc. near as fast us we can….

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