Motorola E1060 not, repeat not, the iTunes phone

“A Motorola spokesperson noted to MobileTracker in an email early Wednesday morning that while iTunes was shown off with the E1060, this was a special case meant just for the demonstration. ‘E1060 was used to demonstate iTunes client; however, it is not our iTunes product.’ Rich Brome, who is on site at the 3GSM conference in Cannes, also confirmed in an email early Wednesday that iTunes is not on the E1060,” MobileTracker reports.

“In an Apple-like fashion, Motorola is keeping the first iTunes enabled phone under very close wraps. While Motorola wanted to show off the software, it appears the company wanted to keep the device secret. CTIA Wireless 2005 has been pointed to several times as a likely announcement date for the first iTunes phone. The conference takes place this year March 14-16th in New Orleans, LA,” MobileTracker reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: They’re just keeping it under wraps because it attaches to any iPod or an iPod mini via the dock connector and they don’t want the Sonys and the Nokias of the world to find out any information about it any earlier than necessary, right? wink

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  1. That phone is the single uglest-abortion-gone wrong I have ever seen.

    Apple will NOT allow Moto to send an ugly, green POS into the market with iTunes burned into it and take down their good brand like the Titanic.

    How Apple is going to prevent any significant canabalization of their iPod due to folks wanting just one gadget to have to carry around is the multi-million dollar question.

    Expect that it will be crippled in some way that at least puts off for a while any muscling-in on iPods turf.

  2. I’d be weary of it all together. I got a Motorola V710 and it was said to be a fully functioning Bluetooth phone. Verizon disabled address and file syncing (pictures etc) and only works with the Bluetooth headset and can act as a modem for dialup. Seems they are afraid of people being able to swap files from phone to phone, like ringers and games. It will be a long time coming before we see anything syncing via bluetooth. I wonder if iTunes will be able to sync via Bluetooth in the foreseeable future.

  3. MDN is wrong! The phone has a dual 40 GB .85 inch drive array and stores your ~ folder along with all your Apps! It plays iTunes only because it run OSX on a tiny 3-core CELL processor.

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