Sirius has approached Apple on adding service to iPod

“Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. said on Wednesday it has discussed with Apple Computer Inc. the possibility of adding its service to Apple’s popular iPod music player. However, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs did not see the need at this point to combine the functions, a Sirius spokesman said,” Reuters reports.

“Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin revealed the discussions to media, entertainment and technology professionals at McGraw Hill’s 2005 Media Summit in New York on Wednesday, the spokesman said,” Reuters reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Come on, Steve, we want our Howard on our iPods!

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  1. Part of the iPods success is due to its simplicity. Keep it simple, don’t cluster it all up with crap the majority of people don’t want. On the other hand, Serius should look at adding it’s on “accessory” that would allow their service to work with the iPod – thus only those who are interested need bother with it.

  2. I would like to see Apple be supportive enough that they cooperate if Sirius wants to make an accessory that works with the iPod. It would be essential that you could record it so you could time shift and keep the convenience inherent in the iPod.

  3. Making XM internal to the iPod makes no sense, simply because XM only works in North America and has no relevance to Europe or Asia which contributes 50% of Apple’s sales.

    Here in Europe, we have a standard called DAB which would be fantastic in an iPod as well. Guess what? Not going to happen because Apple would have to customise the functionality for three different regions, and then the radio function wouldn’t work for me when I trvelled to the USA and an American unit would be hamstrung when the owner came here.

  4. I really dont think Jobs made the right descision here. Just make and iPod_satallite or somthing, this is another way to keep the iPod innovative and give people more options.

    “did not see the need at this point”
    Hasnt he learned from his mistake with CD burners vs DVD players that he just talked about in his Fortune interview? If there would be a point at which this would be viable, start now so in 6 months or so, you dont try to rush somthing to the market.

  5. We’ll see how much of a threat Napster actually turns out to be.

    This will be Apple’s answer to subscription services, if, and only if, they turn out to be popular with the masses. Mark my words.

  6. I had assumed an accessory would be the best option if this were to ever happen, but reading Buffy’s post makes me rethink that idea. There are very convincing arguments as to why it shouldn’t be included in every iPod, but why not create a special edition iPod, kind of like the U2 iPod? If people here in America want that option built into the iPod, they can pay an extra few bucks. Those that don’t want or need it are completely unaffected because they can just go out and buy the regular iPod. Same idea as the iPod photo. It’s another option that people can choose from if they want it but it’s not forced upon everyone.

  7. and it doesn’t have to be any more complicated than using the iPod photo or changing the settings on an iTrip. just have an “artist” for the radio, maybe grouped by genre with the individual songs being the different stations. hardly a complicated manner.

  8. “I really dont think Jobs made the right descision here.”


    MCCFR makes an excellent point about the region-specific nature of satellite radio. A fanciful “iPod Satellite” would have to support all regions if the user happened to be travelling.

    Less is More also makes a good point that Sirius should have approached Griffin. It would be easier to make a range of “iSat” modules (a la iTrip) that supported various regions; so you could take say three modules and your iPod on an extended trip, instead of getting pissed that your iPod doesn’t work in Berlin and Singapore. Apart from the question of whether satellite radio should come to the iPod, the interface is tailor-made for navigating through sat radio stations, and I Siriusly doubt that Apple is dismissing the notion out of hand.

  9. Please. Sirius is a serious also-ran. They sound as desperate and whiny as Napster and Real. They’re product doesn’t need a storage device, and the iPod doesn’t need to be a radio. They are trying to gain fame by association with the Amazing iPod, figuring that using Steve’s name and suggesting that they are important enough to have ‘meetings’ with him will give them some credibility.

    I’ll bet it went like this:
    Sirius: Hey, Steve, we’re from Sirius radio. Can we take a second of your time?
    Steve: “Not interested, loser. Where the hell’s my bodyguard?”.
    Sirius: Okay, thanks anyway. If you ever want to talk please call us, Okay? Steve? Hey, it was nice talking to you. Let’s do lunch sometime. Hey, did you guys see that? I was talking to Steve Jobs. We go way back. Old friends, and all. We’re entrepreneurs just like he is. Hey, you gonna eat that?

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