Apple’s iPod shuffle causes stampedes of customers, sells out as quickly as they appear in stores

“The first crop of Apple’s elusive iPod Shuffle is being plucked off shelves as quickly as they appear in stores across the Valley this week. The first 100 Shuffles that arrived at the Apple Store in the Glendale Galleria on Monday sold out within an hour and the Northridge store was wiped out in three hours, said employee Rob Lamog. ‘We’ve been open a half hour and we’ve already gotten 15 calls about it,’ an employee at the Glendale store said Tuesday,” Candice Choi reports for The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. “The Glendale store expects its next shipment today; both the Glendale and Northridge stores will be replenished with another cache of Shuffles Saturday.”

Choi reports, “It’ll be first come, first serve, Apple employees say. The iPod Shuffle is a cheaper version of the wildly popular iPod and iPod mini. One model of the Shuffle costs $99 and holds 120 songs; another costs $149 and holds 240 songs. The Apple store at the Glendale Galleria was getting swamped with a ‘ton of calls’ about the Shuffle immediately after Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the new product at a MacWorld speech in San Francisco last week. When Jobs mentioned at the end of his speech that the Shuffle might be available at the flagship Apple store in downtown San Francisco a few blocks away, a stampede of customers immediately flocked to the store, according to a report by the Associated Press.”

“Steve Mullen, spokesman for Circuit City, said he doesn’t know when the Shuffle will begin arriving at the chain’s locations. He put a call in to the merchandising department, but he hasn’t gotten any response on when stores will have them yet. Customers can check on Circuit City’s Web site to see if there are any in stock at particular locations, Mullen said. If so, customers can ensure they’ll get one by purchasing it online then picking it up in the store,” Choi reports. “‘It’s going to be hot, and we’re definitely stocking up on it,’ Mullen said. ‘We’re expecting a stampede of people.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another Apple iPod model causing stampedes, stores selling out, and Circuit City remains pretty much clueless about anything to do with Apple. All is right with the world.


  1. I got mine in the mail yesterday. They are pretty cool…Well constructed… intuitive design…I like how you can allocate how much storage is dedicated to music and how much can be used as disk space. Have not been able to test battery life..but its been on for over 10 hours and is still going strong.
    I am glad I ordered on online right after the apple store opened up…

  2. Now let’s see how Mac mini’s do. I hope Apple has got all their supply problems worked out on this one. I would hate to see market share growth held back by not having product.

  3. I recieved mine on Monday – ordered the evening of the keynote address.

    The Shuffle is amazing in its size and weight. I was astounded when I opened the package.

    As freebee noted the interaction with iTunes is very well thought out. Being able to allocate a portion of the drive for files is superb – works on windows too.

    Plus the drive can use USB 1 and 2. Updating is slow using USB 1 but that is not surprising.

    Now I have a ipod for running and a key drive for files if I need it. And all for 99 bucks.

  4. I can see the shuffle becoming popular for things like “employee of the month” recognition programs, with a corporate logo silk-screened on.

    I wonder if Apple will offer quantity discounts (and possibly partner with someplace to do the artwork and printing work) for such…

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