iRiver hires U.S. porn starlet Jenna Jameson to promote portable media players

“MP3 [player] manufacturer Reigncom [also known as “iRiver”], recently described as an ‘outstanding firm’ by Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, is making waves by using an adult film star in advertising for its new products. Reigncom late last year introduced its portable multimedia player (PMP) onto the U.S. market, hiring U.S. porn starlet Jenna Jameson to appear in advertisements,” Bang Seong-hun reports for “Industry sources say it was a pragmatic move. ‘One cannot ignore people using the PMP to watch adult material,’ said one. ‘I think they were targeting these customers when we hired a porn actress.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Another class act by a classy company as it preps for its turn to spin down the bowl.

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  1. I suggest Rocco Siffredi to promote iPos Shuffle to store the recent Playboy set for iPod Photo….. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />) At least Apple can grab men AND WOMEN as opposite to only men ad by IRiver… Apple is a democratic company promoting equal rights!!!!!!!!!

    In italy we use to say “they are at the dessert….”

  2. CitizenX: the VHS/Beta question was won by VHS by the virtue of being the format chosen by porn producers.

    Paying one pornstar to advertise your product is hardly the same as being embraced by an industry. Anyways, there’s already iBod for that… and iPod Photo has all the perves covered for their own collections.

    Apple’s products allow people to use them as they like. Their advertising is classy unlike this sleazy attempt by iRiver.

    At the same time Playboy releases iBod and those who want that are interested in iPod photo without damaging Apple’s image. iRiver itself using a pornstar is completely ruining any bit of “class” their image ever had.

    Magic word: trouble… obvious application to the article.

  3. This is as lame as hiring Tommy Lee as their spokes-mongoloid.

    And we all know how well that panned out.

    This entry brought to you by the word “pressure.” How topical.

  4. So many of today’s technlogy advancements are driven by porn and gambling. Heck, the Internet explosion was driven by porn. Some of the multicasting protocols were driven by gambling establishments wishing to efficiently deliver horserace data to thousands of customers (I know, I was there).

    Are you suprised?

    Will iRiver come out with its iSmut, complete with disposible covers? For those wishing to “catch” the wave, there’s the iSTD. Or just give your iPiMP a call and download those pics you took through the womem’s room bathroom wall right from your camera!

    iSHT on them too much. Some of there products are nice looking and have some neat feature yet to show up on an iPod (and I don’t mean PlayFerShur)

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