Portable digital device maker iRiver bites into Apple (literally) via website

iRiver’s global home page currently sports an interesting animated image of a blonde woman model alternating with a dark-haired male model each of whom are pictured biting into, you guessed it, an apple.

In September 2004, iRiver held 18.8% of the flash-based music player market of according to NPD World. This was, of course, before the Apple entered the flash-based player market with last week’s debut of the iPod shuffle (currently sporting a 4-week wait even with the initial iPod shuffle stockpile rumored to have been 2 million units). In the same report, Apple held 87.3% of the hard drive-based music player market while iRiver weighed in with 1.5%.

Do something that not many have done before and visit iRiver’s home page here: http://www.iriver.com/

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  1. Wow.. an Apple dis on a webpage no one will visit. Ho-hum.

    No offense to MDN.. it’s a hilarious story.. but it’s a pathetic dis from a company that is, in a way, named after the iPod

  2. What a terribly weak ad by iRiver. They can’t communicate as to why someone would want their product over an iPod so they have to take this route. Pathetic.

    This post was brought to you by the word “saying”, as in: All I’m saying is that iRiver’s marketing department is full of morons.

  3. I like iPods as well as the next guy. But this chick is HOT! I’ll be dumping my iPod, and AAPL stock, and PowerBook, into the trash so that I can spend the rest of my days dreaming about what she’s thinking about with that vixen look on her face.

    Ah iRiver, you saw right through me and my shallow desires. If only Apple were half so savvy.

    The magic word is “third,” which rhymes with turd, which describes this blockbuster iRiver ad pretty succinctly.

  4. Aauuurrrggghhhh, she suddenly turned into a dude! I’m now retrieving my iPod, PowerBook, and AAPL stock from the trash. I’m so over you, iRiver vixen who dudifies without warning.

  5. How interesting. Gizmodo is reporting just this morning that [a href=”http://www.gizmodo.com/gadgets/portable-media/iriver/jenna-jameson-for-iriver-029966.php”>porn star Jenna Jameson is featured in an iRiver spot</a>.

    Is this a joke? The magic word is “coming”. MDN is beginning to scare me. Time to get out the tinfoil hat again…

  6. Their PMP-120 supports USB-on-the-go ($499). It can copy files directly off your digital camera for many manufacturers. For those that aren’t supported, a simple card reader can be attached (no funky or expensive Belkin reader).

    That’s pretty cool!

  7. Clever advertising. The subtle poke at “Apple” is lost on 99.9% of the site’s visitors, for sure.

    The whole idea of advertising is to “persuade” and get a potential buyer to “buy” something (image advertising not withstanding).

    The use of flash is creative and attractive and probably won’t do much because there’s no “emotion” and, as Mac users already know, “emotion” is important– not features, not low price, not looks.

    Get the right “emotion” from each of the above and you’ll sell stuff. Apple gets it with the Mac, with iLife (and other Apple software and hardware), and they got it VERY right with the iPod.

    So far, it’s hard to see that anyone else has it right.

    Interestingly, that “emotion” or that bond we have with the Mac was transferred successfully to Mac OS X (for most of us) and to our Mac applications.

    Windows users have ONLY had that same kind of feeling with their iPods. Now, imagine what would happen if that same kind of “emotional bond” could be transferred to an attractive, affordable, nearly problem-free, small computer, that just works.

    Mac mini?

    Like a gift box that contains other gift boxes, Steve Jobs in unwrapping the future of Apple. One product at a time. It’ll take six months to get the iPod shuffle and Mac mini ramped up to production levels to match the objectives.

    That’ll happen just as Mac OS X Tiger hits the streets and it’ll run for a full year before Longhorn debuts.

    Woo hoo! 2005 will be an interesting year.

    Tera Patricks

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