eBay dumps Microsoft’s ill-fated Passport user authentication system

“EBay Inc. became the latest Web site to say it will stop using Microsoft Corp.’s Passport user authentication system, as Microsoft continues to scale back the service,” The Associated Press reports. “Microsoft once had big plans for Passport, which was designed to let Internet users have a single “username” and password that could be used on the Web sites of many different companies. It originally also stored credit card numbers in an attempt to make shopping at several sites more convenient, but Microsoft phased that out last year.”

“Passport will remain the login technology used on Microsoft’s own sites, including the free e-mail service Hotmail and the Encarta encyclopedia, but the company will no longer pursue its incorporation on a broad collection of outside sites,” AP reports. “This fall, online job posting service Monster Worldwide Inc. stopped using Passport. EBay, which is based in San Jose, Calif., this week announced it would drop it in late January.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Awww, geez, that’s too bad, huh? smirk


  1. Did anyone actually try to use the Passport option on eBay? In my several minuts ot total frustration I became enraged and after that I wasn’t able to login normally from that point on. Damn assimilatory microShaft coding.

  2. The questions MS asked me while applying for my Passport – just so I could have an MS Messenger password – caused me to stop the process – twice. I still don’t have a Messenger password. As long as they keep trying to stick their nose up my …err…whatever, I won’t get one, either. I am amazed that other actually must have answered these questions. ‘Course, most of those folks use PCs, so clear thinking is not their strong suit.


  3. I’ve waiting for the demise of this system for some time. Finally. That insecure hack of a system produced by Microsoft is the reason a business here got over $90,000 wired to some country in Europe and there is nothing they can do about it. Shameful, yet folks continue to pledge (blind) allegiance to Microsoft without at least considering alternatives.

  4. Excellent news!

    Maybe Apple should approach them with a system that actually works and that i not suseptable to security flaws!

    Microsoft… tick, tick, tick… you are the weakest link – GOODBYE!

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