PC Magazine names Apple iPod mini 2004’s Best Mobile Device

“Other music players might cost less or have more memory, smaller bodies, or more features, but none offer the iPod mini’s combination of silky smooth operation, graceful design, and techno-chic style. Because of its perfectly crafted interface and controls, its pioneering use of the 1-inch 4GB hard drive, and the enormous impact it has had on the music player market, we’re compelled to give an award for Technical Excellence to the iPod mini,” PC Magazine writes.

“We love that we can charge it using the USB 2.0 connection and that it’s sturdy enough to survive drops and falls. We especially enjoy the envious looks we get walking down the street with it. Since our first review of the tiny player, the full-size iPod has adopted the brilliant click wheel, and the mini’s directional touch navigation has been imitated by other digital music players,” PC Magazine writes. “It’s not cheap, but if you want to pinch pennies, get a flash-based player. If you want the best, drop some extra dough and pick up the iPod mini.”

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  1. Tell it like it is PC Mag. It’s about time they realized that Apple is a Windows developer and Windows hardware maker. I don’t know why Apple is usually treated like the enemy all the time.

    Maybe some day soon Apple will make more money from the Windows OS than Microsoft makes from the Mac OS.

  2. PC Mag is very fair to Apple, giving 5 stars to OS X and raving about the G5 iMac. As far as the eMac, well they’re entitled to an opinion. Apple fans have to understand that. Heck, MacWorld Magazine doesn’t always give high marks for everything Cupertino brings out.

    Al: Say what?

  3. They’re right in some ways about the eMac, though I still think it’s a great machine. I got one for a complete computing Newbie and he’s had to call me just twice in a year for help.

    If my parents decided to get online (unlikely), I’d get them to get an eMac. Maybe an iBook if they wanted to stash it away out of sight most of the time.

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