RUMOR: Apple mulling ‘G6’ naming issue due to ‘Oprah Car’ Pontiac ‘G6’

Sources have told MacDailyNews that “marketing types” within Apple Computer have discussed skipping the “G6” moniker or ending the “G” CPU naming scheme with the “G5” due to the potential confusion and/or dilution caused by the recent debut of General Motor’s Pontiac G6, otherwise known as “The Oprah Car.” 276 Pontiac G6s were given to surprised audience members on The Oprah Winfrey Show to celebrate the start of her 19th season on September 14, 2004.

Apple first starting using the “G” moniker with the November 1997 introduction of the Power Macintosh G3, with featured a “generation three” or “G3” PowerPC 750 processor. The “G4” made its debut in September 1999 in the “Power Macintosh G4” which featured a PowerPC 7400. The “Power Mac G5” debuted in June 2003 with a PowerPC 970.

According to sources, the final decision, which would presumably be Steve Jobs’ decision, has not yet been made. Of course, Apple has time, as “G5” is very young in its product lifetime and has found it’s way only into Power Mac G5 and iMac G5 desktops so far, with PowerBook, eMac, iBook, and “future” products still to go.

MacDailyNews Take: General Motors’ Pontiac make is hardly known as a “premium” brand and the Pontiac G6 is a fairly “cheap” car as far as the sticker price goes (base MSRP: US$21,300) – an entry-level sedan. Apple might not wish to associate or confuse its future flagship, high-performance CPU with a Pontiac car, even if it’s a subconscious association. Beleaguered Gateway is more “The Pontiac” of the personal computer industry, not Apple.


  1. Baretta Firearms sued GM over the name when they came out with a cheap Chevy with the same name & got a good chunk of money for it. Maybe Apple should call GM and set them straight.

  2. Different product categories. I don’t see a problem.

    In a related topic, Apple was allowed to call their previous operating system “Mac OS 9” even tho there was another “OS 9” out there, I forget what it did, but it was some kind of software, I think it might have been for servers. They were allowed to do a similar name because:
    1. low chance of confusion between the products
    2. continuation of established naming convention (ie. OS 7, OS 8 etc.)

  3. CPU Marketeers seem to have trouble with sex, or the number six, or both.

    Intel, for example, is stuck on Pentium because they don’t want to name their next CPU the Sexium.

    Not so many years ago, Apple had the Mac SE on a 68000, and the Mac IIX on a 68030. The obvious name for the 68030-based Mac SE would have been the Mac SEX, but they called it the SE/30 instead, for obvious reasons.

    Now we hear that G6 might be shunned because it sounds like an Oprah computer. I think it’s because it sounds like “Gee Sex.”

    Of course I may just be babbling, deliberately wasting Internet bandwidth and your precious time.

  4. I think they should start naming the chips after….after…..after BIRDS. Yeah that’s it! Birds. Birds of Prey.

    Start with the Hawk, then Osprey, then Falcon, then Eagle!

    hehehehehe ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”zipper” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Nothing to see here… Go home.
    Great “news” story.
    We’re around 5 years from any possible “G6” PowerMac, if the amount of time the PowerMac G4 hung around is any indication. There may not even be a Pontiac G6 in production by then.
    Even if there were, who would care?

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