Mac OS X freeware FileWrangler 1.1 batch renaming utility released

FileWrangler 1.1 has been released which is an update to the freeware OS X application for renaming batches of files easily. Select a folder, filter its contents, recurse its folder structure, choose your naming scheme and click the ‘Rename Files’ button. Dozens, or hundreds or thousands of files are quickly renamed to meet your criteria. It’s a problem that has been addressed by other applications, but none work quite like FileWrangler. Pure Cocoa, written in Objective-C, and fast.

More info and download link here.


  1. R-Name is another freeware app that batch renames. I found it while looking for alternatives to the Better Finder tools. R-Name and FileWrangler are both free and do the same job, but FileWrangler is prettier.

    (I haven’t made a comprehensive comparison, however both seem equally intuitive and capable.)

  2. Renamer4Mac is my choice for a renamer utility. I like it better than R-R-Name. This one might even be better, if our freaking proxy server didn’t block all .Mac websites. <grrrrrr>

  3. Renamer4Mac is my choice too – it is similar to the superb PecoRename for BeOS R5 (doesn’t run on Zeta AFAIK) and by the same author Werner Freytag who definitely knows what he’s doing. Thanks Werner!

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