Pink and yellow defects reported in some Apple Cinema Displays

“The flagship Apple line of Cinema Displays is shipping with faulty LCD panels, it has emerged. Most acutely affected appears to be the 23-inch line, which can exhibit a strong pink or yellow hue across the display that cannot be cured by colour calibration,” Wil Harris reports for The Inquirer. “Industry reports suggest that LG, which supplies Apple with LCD panels, may be the manufacturer in question.”

Apple’s own web board is awash with people who are mad at the problems….One poor chap is onto his fourth display, after receiving three faulty units previously. Another Mac Addict in Japan reported that every 23-inch display in the Shinsaibashi Apple store was defective, and a similar story is reported at locations across the US mainland.

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  1. I have a new 23″ and at first, I thought I had a bad one… it DID look a bit pink… even the gray had a pinkish tone to it.

    But I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now, and either its burned in and is ok, or I just don’t notice it any more… No lines and bad edges here.. color and brightnes seem consistant across the screen.

    Even video color bars as a pic file look correct.

    But.. this isn’t good news.. I’m sure Apple will fix this as they have in the past.. but I hate to see the publicity this brings…..

  2. My new 23″ Cinema Display has been perfect thus far (2 weeks), I guess i’m one of the lucky ones. Hope I did not just jinx myself!. No dead pixels, and the screen is incredibly bright, noticably more than that of the PB 17″ display. Obviously the screen is expensive, but I’d wholeheartedly recommend buy one thus far…..

  3. RE: “ahhh i hate this news.. er.. as an eMac owner.. but still.. i hate hearing this stuff.. it’s not like APple manufactures the screens..”

    I hope yer kidding.. Apple does choose it’s manufacturer so it DOES have a part in it obviously. If you receive defective product from Apple, they will replace the item I’m sure. I’ve only heard praise for these displays.

  4. I am an American, currently living in Seoul, Korea.

    LG is a Korean conglomerate that is (I believe) one of the top 5 largest corporations in Korea. They make ALL kinds of stuff: electronics, fabrics/vinyls, LG industrial systems, they own a lot of real estate (mostly high-rise apartment buildings), etc. They even have their name attached to some local convenience stores (like “7-11’s”).

    Korean law allows domestic (Korean) corporations to diversify their investments into MANY different fields, unlike US companies (which are heavily regulated and subjected to close scrutiny by the FTC).

    The problem is that Korea is also the land of the shortcut. Unlike German or Japanese Corps. which will, typically, obsess about very high quality and making sure that a product is the best that it can be, we local Americans call Korea “The Land of the ‘Not Quite Right'”. The products are not quite as shitty as the stuff from China, but it’s not nearly as good as the stuff from Germany or Japan. Koreans tend to cut a LOT of corners. Except for Samsung. Their stuff is usually very good, but this is an exception, rather than the rule, for a Korean company.

    The bottom line is, I am not surprised that Apple is having problems with these monitors. It’s sad that they spent so much time and money on development only to have a half-assed Korean company fsck up the implementation for them. But that’s what Apple gets. They probably bid the production out and LG low-balled, winning the bid, but providing a fscked-up component. They should have used Samsung components for the monitors. Samsung is usually very reliable and Apple wouldn’t be having to deal with pissed-off customers.

    Sometimes, the cheapest route ISN’T the best way to go.

    ‘Nuf said.

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