Windows users’ nightmare Internet experiences driving move to Apple Mac?

“You know, I’ve heard one too many horror stories of people’s Windows PCs falling into what they would describe as a nearly unusable state due to the ad-ware, spy-ware, and mal-ware that had built up in their computer…but I never could have imagined that it was this bad. Of all the dozens of major reasons for Switching to the Mac, I’d really never quite understood why so many potential switchers ranked the security thing so far above seemingly more compelling reasons such as the interface, the consistency, iLife, Safari, all the innovation, and so on. But sitting there Saturday night in front of a one-year-old Windows PC that had been absolutely brought to its knees by security-related issues, I finally ‘got’ it. This really is a huge thing. The Windows platform really is literally being shredded as we speak,’ Bill Palmer writes for

“My friend and I both concluded that some kind of deeply buried crap-ware was replicating the infected stuff just as fast as Ad-aware could get rid of it. He asked me what the solution was, and I told him that I honestly wasn’t sure whether he would need to upgrade to the paid version of Ad-aware, or purchase some other, more powerful tool. So naturally, he asked me what I use on my computer to fight off this kind of nonsense. And before I could even manage to figure out how to answer that question, he answered it for me. It was time for him to finally ‘get’ something that I’d been trying to get him to understand for years,” Palmer writes.

“‘This doesn’t happen to Apples, does it?’ he asked out loud, not so much in the form of a question, but more along the lines of a lightbulb going off in his head. ‘No, never,’ I told him, explaining this that kind of crap just doesn’t happen to well-built, well-designed operating systems. And at that point, I pretty much knew what was coming next: ‘That’s it, I’m never buying another PC again,'” Palmer writes. “And there it was.”

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  1. So many things are cresting right now that give Apple advantages it hasn’t enjoyed in years.

    The iPod.

    Competitive pricing.


    OSX (Microsoft is far away from matching it, if at all)

    And of course, the internet situation. Security. Worms. Viruses. Etc.

    And all the things we have been enjoying for years. It’s time for the marketshare to start inching up.

    And I wish that there could be category that breaks down the sales of computers to be used by actual human beings. Not a Dell that’s used in a gas station in Cambodia.

    I think it would be handy, and good for Apple if the stats quoted “4% of total sales, 10% for individual consumers.” Or by industry.

    Something that portrays the actual clout of Apple, that it is now wielding, yet every news story depicts Apple sales as tiny.

    Really now.

    Tiny yes, but much larger if the percentage of end users was explained.


  2. I’ve been trying to persuade my brother for many years to change to Macintosh. I’ve been using Mac’s since 1988, but it wasn’t until my Mac 8200 died on me last year that I started regularly using my wife’s Windows XP Pro based laptop until I waited in vain to buy a new Dual 3Ghz machine.

    However, by my self-imposed imprisonment, I have been able to demonstrate to my brother all of the frustrating and infuriating aspects of using a Windoze machine. I’m no longer just a Macintosh zealot in his eyes who has never used anything else.

    Subsequently, he’s gone for it big-time, I’m glad to say. He’s just about to place an order for Dual 2Ghz, 20″ Apple monitor and a stack of peripherals and software.

  3. My mother bought my brother a PC less than a year ago (because it was cheaper) and yesterday she called me up and we ordered him a 14″ iBook with superdrive!! … Less than a year, and it is so fouled up that it is unusable!

    I think that must be a record. I have a lot of friends that bought PC’s before starting business school (in January) who have already replaced their machine or reformatted their hard drive!!! some several times.

    I think MAc sales will continue to increase espescially when Tiger comes out!!!

  4. we mac people have to make sure these new users are well taken care of….granted apple does most of the work with good everything but it can be a little bumpy the first weeks figuring out where everything is…keep and eye on them and help them out.

  5. Spinal Tap.. i totally know what you mean.. part of what I do before I even talk about the Mac is demonstrate that I pretty much know more than most PC users about how their own PC works,and why MS does what they do.. (open architecture, etc.. licensing problems )

    then if I talk about “See, look at the Xbox.. that’s a Vertically Integrated Proprietary Machine.. and it works great! Vertical Integration works”.. At least then it’s evident that I ‘chose’ the Mac..

    Another thing i like to do is say, ‘oh, i’m a cheapskate.. so i got a Mac’.. this is kind of hard for them to get their heads around… ‘I don’t wanna buy anti-virus software or pay sb to fix my computer..’

    hehe.. I bought the AppleCare for peace of mind.. but that’s optional.. I haven’t used it much, mind you.. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. It took so long for Weednose users to realize that the shit they were smellin’ wudn’t due to a lack of hygiene. ‘Course, Ballmer’s deodorant being meant for a horse is the reason they still can’t smell it in Redmond.

  7. We have windows and mac computers all hooked to internet – dsl, broadband. Hooked up and running at least 12 hours a day.
    No big problems with either.
    E-mail with crap attached, but virus software cleans it up.

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