Apple Computer brand has regained much of its early appeal

“Not so long ago, to claim Apple as a choice computer solution was to open the doors wide open to mockery and derision. Macs, the thinking went, may be nice to look at but they do not a serious computer make. That was then and this is now: today, the brand has successfully developed into a serious, if still small, contender in the world of enterprise computing. Even more importantly, the Apple brand has regained much of its early appeal, when its founders claimed the Mac to be ‘the computer for the rest of us,'” Rania Adwan reports for

“In the beginning, flaws in the company’s first strategy quickly became apparent. ‘Apple became arrogant and didn


  1. Why does MDN bother to give this article the publicity it clearly seeks – when the author is so clearly an ignoramus.

    Editor – please apply some control. Not every article with the words, Jobs, Apple or Mac in them deserve circulation to the Mac community.

  2. Uh, Macs did used to be mocked (and still are). Apple did take advantage of customers with renamed models that quickly became obsolete. Apple did choose not to pursue business sales. And now, with the ipod and various identifiable entertainment ventures, as well as the fastest pc’s available, it is poised for a dramatic improvement in computer market share. It won’t get it, as it does not care as evidenced by the new imac, which as usual meets Steve’s needs nicely, and the rest of us only if we think like Steve.

    MDN usually provokes a higher class of name callers than this. At least moron and ignoramus were spelled correctly this time.

  3. Well, Joe’s back. Same ol’ slop, Joe. Please don’t claim to speak for “us” when you deride the new iMac. It happens to be a very nice computer. You want to compare it to the run o’ the mill Dell or HP or Sony – go ahead, give it your best shot. What don’t you like about it Joe? Is it the fact that it is beautiful? Is it the fact that it has a G5? Maybe that it runs Mac OS X? How about that you don’t need special popup blockers or virus scanners or spyware blockers? Hmm, what else don’t you like about it?

    Joe, please don’t pretend to be anything other than a PC bitch, because that’s what you are.

  4. Unlike Micrs**t, Apple IS in the entertainment industry. My iMac is very entertaining. My brother-in-law’s Sony is not. It’s just a computer, with no soul and no imagination.

  5. MS makes revs of about 40B a year.. Apple..12B.. i honestly thought it was like a factor of 10… it aint.

    Oh.. and Dell recently was a 30B company..trying to become a 60B company..

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