Windows desktop monopoly threatened by secure, safe Apple Mac OS X

“There are a few straws blowing in an increasingly strong wind for Apple Computer. Straw 1: When the White House’s former top cyber-security and anti-terrorism expert, Richard Clarke, visited Australia and new Zealand recently, he carried an Apple Macintosh, not a Windows machine,” David Frith reports for Australian IT. “Clarke, who served under four presidents but is no friend of the Bush administration, says he chooses a Mac because it protects his data from more than 99 per cent of all known viruses, worms, network attacks and spyware


  1. WOW!! More good news…just in time for the holidays. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    I don’t think anyone could buy this much positive publicity.

  2. I agree with Buffy. There needs to be more visibility for Macs. I’ve seen this explosion of success coming for months now (call it faith), but there still isn’t any TV advertising for Macs, and that’s sad.

    The iPod commercials are getting noticed, even here in Canada, but let’s see ads about OS X, Airport and Airport Express, the new iMacs, PowerMacs, and the iSight.

  3. Ted…

    I agree…. while His Steveness is a genius at predicting what is and will be cool… and produces products to reflect his genius…

    He really needs to find an agressive Ad Agency…

    But, till that happens…

    the best advertising comes from word of mouth….

    “uhhh … is there an echo in here ? “

  4. mac dood,

    Absolutely, there should *always* be word-of-mouth advertising. My own efforts have converted one family (and their business)… that’s two more Macs and two more iPod in use by former Windows users, and I’ve got more people lined up in my conversion factory. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    I’m also building a new website “Is a Mac for me?”… [url=][/url] . Watch for it. (btw, contact me if you want to contribute testimonials, etc.)

  5. Apple should license it OS to one other company – Sony (along with partnering with Sony on music).

    THAT would be the scoop which changes Apple’s fortunes forever.

    A really powerful, established, and broad alternative base to Wintel.

  6. Apple tried licensing the OS before, all it did was cut into their own hardware sales and didn’t improve market share. The only way Apple could successfully license is to license both the hardware and software, like the iPod.

  7. Yes Macman, but Apple was on the way down then and all the undistinctive licencees did was to knock out cheap(er) beige boxes. Highly selective partnering would benifit Apple now – and ensure quality. Sony would appeal to a different market from those who would usually consider a Mac. The marketing would be centred around the power and strengths of OSX.

    Perhaps Apple could benifit from some tie-in with Playstation too.

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