Piper Jaffray: Mac market share shows potential to increase

“Piper Jaffray maintained an ‘outperform’ rating and $40 target price on Apple Computer, saying a 0.5% increase in market share ‘is not unrealistic’ for the computer company if the current acceleration in interest and demand for its products continue. Apple currently holds a 2% share in the personal-computer market, the research firm said. ‘We believe a 0.5% increase in market share, to 2.5%, would have a significant impact on numbers,’ increasing calendar 2005 and 2006 Mac sales by 16% and 24%, respectively, Piper Jaffray said. ‘Despite potential supply issues in the September quarter, demand remains strong, and we believe that over the next two years Apple has the ability to grow its market share ahead of expectations,’ the research firm said,” Forbes.com reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Still holding on to my stock. Great news. Glad I got in when it bottomed out. Buying stocks at that time was like shopping at the dollar store. I loved it. Reaped many, many benefits.

  2. Maybe by this article people will finally realize that when Apple is *stagnant* in market share it means it is increasing its sales.

    Notice how a *fixed* 0.5% increase translates – when one takes into account projected growth of PC global market – into an increase of sales by 16% in 2005 and by 24% in 2006, still with a stagnant market share (a one-time +0.5% increase).

    And since Apple sells to people – and not dumb terminals – that will mean having Macs everywhere anywhere.

  3. beryllium….

    lol …. you hit the nail on the head…. but wait till those “holier than thou” PeeCee trolls read what you said….

    Hell, we might have a lively thread goin here !!

  4. It’s not about marketshare- it’s about market. All Apple needs is a big-enough user base to keep the developers writing for the platform. As long as the user base increases in numbers it will all be good. If everyone in the world woke up and decided to buy a Mac tomorrow, Apple/IBM/FreeScale could not meet the demand for a very significant time. It’s hard to build PowerPCs without PowerPC chips.

    For the time being we all live in a “Windows” world.

    The people who amaze me the most are the ones clinging to OS 9 and ancient Macs from the last millenium- they know better and are holding onto a dead OS. Tiger should be the last version of OS X that supports “Classic” Mode. It’s time to get with the program: buy a PC or a new Mac.

    Put your Cube/Pismo/Lombard/Wall Street/Blue & White G3 up on a shelf or better yet-in a museum. Blow the dust off of your wallet and get on with it- it’ll be good for you.

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