‘Podcasting’ brings personalized audio programs to your iPod

“‘Podcasting’ is a term that is probably unfamiliar to most people, but it represents a real potential change in the radio landscape. A small group of enthusiasts has begun cobbling together a way to easily share homemade radio shows, eventually allowing people to reach large numbers of listeners by completely bypassing the current structure of radio,” Rick Ellis reports for IBS. “Here is the non-technical explanation: Podcasting allows you to subscribe to feeds, which include links to audio programs. Every time one of your subscriptions posts a new program, it automatically downloads onto your computer. You then transfer those shows to a portable music device, listen to it throughout your house via a wireless connection or take it with you wherever you go. Think of it as a personalized radio station that you program and change whenever you want.”

“The technical explanation is a bit more complex. The idea originally grew out of the Apple iPod community, where Adam Curry helped develop a piece of software called iPodder. iPodder automatically routes an audio program to an iPod and makes the process relatively seamless. It wasn’t long before similar solutions sprung up for use with other devices,” Ellis reports. “The programs are delivered via an RSS feed, and there are already millions of computer users subscribing to at least a few text feeds of blogs and other sites. The RSS feed contains a link, which notifies your computer that a new audio program is available and begins downloading it into a pre-selected spot on your computer.”

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  1. First post. iPods rock! The only ones close to matching the innovation of Apple are the ones coming up with new ways to pamper people using iPods. Some of the things you can do just blow me away.

  2. I was at comp usa last night in San Diego and the guy said “on a bad day we sell about 10 ipods”. I just got mine last week, and I LOVE it. What an amazing device, its perfect.

  3. “Podcasting” sounds to me like the audio equivalent of a TV with an automated VCR. So whenever a show is broadcast, it’s automatically recorded so you can play it back at your leisure? YAAWWNN. But I guess it’s cool because it involves the iPod (kinda like all those lousy dead-end companies that were cool because they involved the Internet). Nice try guys but next time lets have some real innovation, not a tape recorder.

  4. OK, Joe, as you’re so in the know, you just made a great case against TiVo and other DVRs. Everybody else in the world, though, really wants one. But you probably won’t read this because you’re too busy listening to the radio…

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