Ziff Davis Media launches ‘ExtremeiPod.com’ website for iPod users

Ziff Davis Media’s Internet division announced today a new website dedicated entirely to the experience of using Apple Computer’s iPod. The new site, http://www.extremeipod.com , which launched in September 2004, will carry the latest news about iPod and its hundreds of accessories. The site will help people get the most of their experience with the popular digital music player.

“People love their iPod,” said Jim Louderback, Editor-in-Chief, Ziff Davis Internet in the press release. “It’s become a community with a cult-like devotion; people want to share their experiences with other users. We’ve developed ExtremeiPod to help those users get the most from their iPod, including hacks, downloads and reviews of all the coolest accessories.”

The iPod phenomenon has become a multimillion-dollar industry. Not only are there new versions of the iPod reaching the market in various shapes and colors, but the tiny music player has spawned hundreds of accessories, add-ons and services.

“ExtremeiPod is a unique platform that will provide marketers with more relevant editorial coverage in one of the fastest-growing sectors, digital music,” said Jason Young, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Ziff Davis Internet.

ExtremeiPod is divided into several distinct sections enabling enthusiasts to obtain information quickly and easily:

– Reviews — of new iPod models, accessories and services
– News — provides the latest information and trends in the iPod marketplace
– Tips and Hacks — helps users customize and optimally configure an use their iPod
– Downloads — provides software add-ons, games and other fun stuff
– Shopping — allows users to view and compare prices for numerous iPod-related products

Ziff Davis Media is a leading integrated media company focusing on the technology, videogame and consumer lifestyle markets. The Company is an information services provider of technology media including publications, websites, conferences, events, eSeminars, eNewsletters, custom publishing, list rentals, research and market intelligence. In the United States, the Company publishes 10 market-leading magazines including PC Magazine, Sync, eWEEK, CIO Insight, Baseline, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Computer Gaming World, Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, Xbox Nation and GMR. The Company exports the power of its brands internationally, with publications in 41 countries and 20 languages. Ziff Davis leverages its content on the Internet with eight highly-targeted technology and gaming sites including PCMag.com, eWEEK.com, ExtremeTech.com and 1UP.com. The Company also produces highly-targeted b-to-b and consumer technology events including Business 4Site and DigitalLife. With its main headquarters and PC Magazine Labs based in New York, Ziff Davis Media also has offices and lab facilities in the San Francisco and Boston markets. Additional information is available at http://www.ziffdavis.com

MacDailyNews Take: Just another sign of Apple iPod’s market dominance. Note: there is no ExtremeDellDJ.com, nor will there ever be, unless Michael Dell launches one by and for himself.


  1. Louderback finally wakes up: “Yawwwwwnnnnn – oh, the iPod is a market dominator? Well, we’d better get on that bandwagon! Come on, people, let’s get crackin’! What do you mean, we don’t do anything else even remotely associated with Apple? Of course we do! We mention them at least once or twice a year in PC Mag, when we put out that “Best of the Best” list – and if that isn’t enough to satisfy the zealots, this oughta do it.”

    Yeah, right.

    Wonder how long will it be before they forget that the iPod is made by Apple and NOT HP and put more focus on helping those folks use it with their wintel box? I may check it out, but I’ll probably stick with other venues for getting my iPod info.

  2. Dull:

    Even Dell recognizes a good thing. The iPod is designed for both PC’s and Mac’s, so get used to seeing iPod’s and PC’s together.

    Question is, how easy is it to transfer music files from a PC to a Mac?

  3. Why is it the users of any Apple product, especially an innovative one, that garners attention are called “cult followers”?

    Perhaps it is just because an author or “analyst” is unable to see the quality within a product, and they believe that no quality exists, that any group of people must be following it mindlessly… thus, a “cult”.

    The “cult” is when a group of people STAY with a product or company that constantly releases flawed products and treats their users like dirt. “Everyone is getting abused, so I should get abused, too.” THAT is cult thinking!!

    They don’t switch to Apple because they believe as a solid fact that Apple users get as abused as much as they do, and they would rather stay with the abuser they know, than go to an abuser they don’t know. And, to tell them that our world has no abuse is pure fantasy to them and they don’t believe it can really exist, thus it is all lies. Now, Apple is an abuser AND lies. ummm.. okay.. just keep your XP grinder.

    So, this brings us back to a large group of people wondering why we would choose a tiny company over the popular one. Being so devoted to this unusual device MUST be a cult, because we cannot see (or have been brainwashed not to see) the obvious choice that everyone else has made.

    1000 years ago, everything revolved around the Earth. It was “obvious” to even the most dull of wits.

    Popular consensus is NOT a criterion for truth. Never has been; never will be.

    Stay crazy; life is much more interesting for us!

    Thanks, Apple!!
    Thanks, Steve!!

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