Signs point to Apple introducing 60GB iPod

“Toshiba on Monday announced in Japan that it’s increasing the song capacity of its Gigabeat line of hard drive-based digital audio players,” Richard Shim reports for CNET News. “The HDD Audio Player Gigabeat line will top out at 60 gigabytes and will be available before the end of the year in the country… The electronics company is one of the major suppliers for 1.8-inch drives used in many hard drive-based digital audio players, including Apple Computer’s iPod, which tops out at 40GB. Although Apple has in the past used larger-capacity drives from Toshiba, the Mac maker said in July that it had no imminent plans for a higher-capacity iPod.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Surely Apple has plans for a higher capacity 60GB iPod. Now, with Toshiba announcing a 60GB player, the only real question isn’t if, but when will Apple do so? With iPod demand so high, it will have to be when 60GB drives are in sufficient quantity for Apple to be able to keep up with the orders.

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  1. US ipod 40g at $399… so the new one will be $499

    (Yes that’s what I expect, as it’s a further discount of $/GB)

    4GB=249= 62.25

    Finally a $499 machine from Apple..

    Then again.. $500 for a music player.. they shouldn’t release that until they include some form of direct to TV displaying.. so you can plug your iPod into your TV and, using the TV display, navigate and select which movie or whatever you want to play…

    No brainer huh?

    You could plug your iPod into your TV and leave it on random, play one of your playlists (though the TV speakers, etc) and, of course, play one of the movies you have on your iPod..

    Of course, this would piggyback on the success of the filesharing networks..

    “But Steve Jobs..”

    Yes, I know.. Steve Jobs doesn’t like the filesharing networks. And as head of Pixar, he certainly doesn’t like free movies…

    So Apple won’t release this capability until there’s an iMovie Store (also by Apple, so as to prop up Paul McCartney ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> )…

    What would kick ass would be..

    Wait for it..

    Simultaneous releasing for DRM’d movies.

    You pay about 8 bucks to watch a movie ONE TIME that came out in theatres THAT DAY.. or wait a few months and get it at a discounted rate..

    Problem is.. it would be too easy to film, and then put on the filesharing networks..

    Where do we go from here, guys?

  2. Has anyone used one of these Gigabeat players ? Are they any good ? I need at least 60gig capacity. I’ll give Apple until say, april next year. If I havn’t heard anything, I might get one of these.

  3. Great Post Mike. That is right along the lines of what I was thinking. Why couldn’t they just wait until a movie has hit the video rental shops before they put it on the iMovie Store? That would work.

    The big problem will be download times. I wonder if Apple maybe will introduce a new codec (that will become the standard) that will cut down on download times. If they have the iPod just play this codec that would eliminate the filesharing networks issues, wouldn’t it?

  4. Jack..

    I thought it would be a real draw, that’s all…

    Otherwise, you’re competing with DVD rentals.. I’d much rather rent a DVD than deal w DL times if Apple’s selling these things…

    Anyway, my point being.. you could offer a 8$ ‘rental’ and then when the movie’s released on DVD, the price would drop to about 1.99.. very competitive

    Again… what’s stopping someone from paying 8 bucks and then, from the comfort of their own home.. filming and putting on P2P.. so yeah.. not likely…

    As it is.. it seems redundant.. may as well get a dvd.

    Hell, you can order it from amazon if you wanna buy it..

  5. don’t care

    even if people tried to switch to mac in droves, apple couldn’t deliever

    look at their history of supply and demand

    so whats the use of saying switch

    when i couldn’t get a mac i wanted cuz the reseller didn’t have it?

    basically ipod sales would be higher now if only supply could be kept up

  6. Have you ever heard of ramping up production??

    I’m tired of hearing how Apple wouldn’t be able to supply any new-coming switchers. I think Apple is smart enough to know what needs to be done. If they could predict an increase in demand, then they can increase their supply to match.

    To make it sound like Apple wouldn’t so anything about increased demand is just stupid.

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