“Apple Australia has landed a deal within federal government for its storage and server systems by selling 14 RAID storage systems and five Xserve G5 servers to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC),” Rob O’Neill reports for The Age. “The deal is on Apple’s home-turf of multimedia, with the boxes being used for a digital video repository to consolidate access to sports video material. However, it comes on top of other federal government deals with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australian Federal Police and a number of wins in state government and education, including one at Swinburne University.”

“ASC CEO Mark Peters says the repository will ‘provide a means of further enhancing the competitive advantage of Australia ‘s elite athletes and provide vastly improved information services to sports.’ According to a statement, the facility will enable improved performance analysis of athletes; allow collaborative access and the sharing of corporate digital video information; provide much greater storage capacity and ensure greater protection of video data,” O’Neill reports.

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