Piper Jaffray: ‘Apple market share to grow over next two years ’

“Piper Jaffray said that over the next two years Apple Computer will grow its market share ahead of expectations, which will be a catalyst to its stock. Piper Jaffray said sees greater-than-expected adoption of iPods and Hewlett-Packard iPods translating to acceleration in sales of Macintosh computers,” Forbes.com reports.

“Also, iTunes ‘will emerge as psychological catalyst for shares of Apple in 2005,’ the research firm said. Strong iPod and iMac demand will lead to a strong fiscal first quarter ending in December, Piper Jaffray said. Apple could also get a boost from stronger laptop sales. The firm, which rates Apple at ‘outperform’ with a $40 price target, said that for the fiscal fourth quarter ending in September, 40% of resellers surveyed said PowerBook sales are ‘tracking above plan,’ while 30% said iBooks are selling better than expected,” Forbes.com reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Keep plugging those features of the Mac: Great OS, open standards, free iLife, design, security, whatever is the hook for that person you’re talking to at the time; and don’t forget to plug the Windows features to be fair: viruses, blue screens, their true cost for comparable configuration,…

  2. As consumer confidence in Windows continues to implode due to virus and stability issues, we have to get the message out that the Apple Mac OPERATING SYSTEM is…

    1/ Stable
    2/ Data Secure
    3/ Virus Free
    4/ Intuitive and easy to operate.
    5/ Windows friendly in terms of operating and sharing files in a Windows majority world.

    All the reviews centre upon how Apple hardware is “sexy” and “stylish”.

    To take Apple popularity to the next level, we need to focus more on Operating System capabilities and benefits.

    The shift is happening – but it will be incremental, not an overnight revolution.

    One day, perhaps around 2007 when Longhorn hits the market, Bill and the boys will wake up to hear that Windows has driven off the end of a cliff in terms of customer loyalty.

  3. Glick7…

    While I agree with what youre saying, I’m not sure if what I would describe what the hapless users of WinCrap have with Billy Gates as “loyality”…

    I kinda think its more like blind masochism…

    Most PeeCeers are completely ignorant of the fact that there really is something else out there, which is more stable, secure… and actually worry-free.. (Mac OS)…

    But, considering the recent articles published here and elsewhere … perhaps, at least a few are starting to open their eyes…

    This can only be good news for Apple…

    And when the time finally comes…even the PeeCeers will figure out why Mac Users always seem to wear a knowing smile..

  4. Mac dood:

    Yes, I agree with you about the loyalty issue.

    Windows users are more like abused spouses… they just seem unable to break free of a controlling and abusive mate named Billy. They even go so far as to defend the abuse “Windows is a good system at its heart. It’s not Windows fault, its the hackers that make it that way.”

    Perhaps we need to open shelters for abused Windows users? Give them a secure operating system where they can finally learn that not all operating systems act like a controlling Windows OS.

    And… we need to prosecute the abusive mate when he tries to reclaim the poor abused user.

    Yes… the more I think about it, the more Windows Users resemble victims of the Stockholm syndrome.

  5. 190 milliion pc’s will be sold in 2004. (Not including ATM’s, checkouts, etc. Apple MIGHT sell 4 million. Plenty of room to expand market share. As soon as they offer something perceived as competitive, they will.

  6. Well, Apple has plenty of product available that is perceived as more than competitive, so that’s not the issue. Apple’s problem remains overcoming the stereotypes and FUD that still abound in the marketplace. Slowly but surely it’ll come around though.

  7. “…..And… we need to prosecute the abusive mate when he tries to reclaim the poor abused user….”

    Prosecute him ???…. LOL…

    I think the guy in Belgium had the right idea when he plastered Billy with a cream pie !!…

    Oh… I wish I thought of it first !!

    hmmmm, I wonder what the charge would be if I repeated his brave effort ??

    Assult with a dangerous pie ??

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