Nielsen/NetRatings report: Apple leads computer sites

Apple Computer Inc.


  1. That’s 100,000 more visitors than last month.

    Dell is down 150,000 visitors month over month. HP is also down 240,000 visitors.
    Gateway is down 131,000</B. visitors. But to be fair, eMachines is now on the list. If you were to add both companies numbers together, you would have a total of <B>665,000.

  2. eMachines….puke! It’s the car’s Kia of computers. All recycled parts from lesser computers. How do you explain to someone that a computer was built like a Frankenstein without them getting confused. So many poor friends with eMachines. Cheap hardware alternatives are just the right combination for extensive migranes. Match it with Winblows XP and you have yourself a kamikaze psycho.

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