Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 affected by 66 Secunia advisories

“Microsoft Windows XP Professional with all vendor patches installed and all vendor workarounds applied, is currently affected by one or more Secunia advisories rated Highly critical. This is based on the most severe Secunia advisory, which is marked as “Unpatched” in the Secunia database. Go to Unpatched/Patched list below for details. Currently, 18 out of 66 Secunia advisories, is marked as ‘Unpatched’ in the Secunia database,’ Secunia advises.

A complete list of Patched/Unpatched Secunia Advisories, which affects Microsoft Windows XP Professional is here. If you are using this product, you should be aware of all the Secunia advisories affecting it, in order to secure it.

MacDailyNews Take: For our Windows-only friends, more information about smoothly adding a safe, secure, fast, and fun Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal can be found here. There is a better way.

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  1. To promote fairness and impartiality, here’s the list of issues Secunia has found pertaining to OS X:

    Note that, when comparing the two lists, that Apple has had 39 advisories, with 5 remaining unpatched at this date. And out of those five, only one (the “Apple Filing Protocol Insecure Implementation”) can be exploited remotely. See Secunia’s advisory for this issue here:

    in comparison, 8 of the 18 unpatched security issues in WinXP can be exploited remotely.

    No matter how you slice it, WinXP has AT LEAST double the security problems that OS X has. And yet your bank, your work, your air traffic control tower, etc., are all using this awful POS.

  2. Windows User Daily Diary & Worksheet.

    1/ Turn On Computer
    2/ Run Anti-virus software.
    3/ Search MS site for latest patches.
    4/ Download patches.
    5/ Apply patches.
    6/ Call tech support because PC will not (insert word “print” “locate files” “boot” “recognize hard drive” or one of a hundred other bad situations)
    7/ Say “Oh sh*t” when tech support asks when was the last time you backed up… You realize it was last week, and you’ve just lost ANOTHER week of work.
    8/ Get coffee.
    9/ Go to lunch
    10/ Return from lunch – continue to wait for tech support.
    11/ Call tech support again – only to be told that everyone installed the upgrade and the entire company is down.
    12/ Go to lunch again.
    13/ Return from 2nd lunch. Call tech support for update.
    14/ Go home.

  3. OK, OK. Apple has some security issues, too.

    However, it does give me some satisfaction that Apple has significantly LESS security problems than Microsoft, and will be delivering Tiger in 2005.

    I burns my biscuits to hear Windows users rave about Microsoft when MS products are more insecure and years behind schedule.

  4. No OS is 100% foolproof. The point is how easily are those issues exploitable remotely and with which critical risk.
    OS X has only one issue that is slightly more than a joke. And even that…

    Sorry, there is not even a comparison possible between OS X and XP. The point is that on XP your data are easily screwed any moment. Not so on OS X, even with a sloppy user.

  5. comparing OS X and XP is like pretending to equate two of today’s patients. Technically they present the same issue, hence no real difference between them?! You be the judge:

    One broke the little finger, the other both legs, an exposed radio bone fracture, and suspected fractured spine. Yeah, technically both suffer from bone fractures…

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