MacDailyNews becomes Apple iTunes Affiliate

MacDailyNews is proud to announce that Apple has named MacDailyNews as a partner in their iTunes Affiliate Program. What this means is that you will see the iTunes logo and iTunes-related offers, music, and content on When you click these iTunes links on MacDailyNews and proceed to purchase music from Apple’s iTunes Music Store, MacDailyNews will receive a percentage of the sale which helps support our site and also Apple’s iTunes Music Store. The music costs the same as it would if went straight to the iTunes Music Store, so there is no extra charge to you.

We thank you in advance for supporting MacDailyNews by using iTunes links from our site when you wish to purchase music. Of course, we also thank you for your continued strong support all of our sponsors. The great support from MacDailyNews readers is very much appreciated and helps continue the site’s operation by helping to fund our growing hosting and other operational costs.

Below is a working example of an iTunes Music Store link. The iTunes badges will take you to the home of Apple iTunes Music Store by launching iTunes and the specfic music features will take you directly to that artist’s section in iTunes. Ready to buy some Tunes?

iTunes Music Store

Buy Tunes Here
Support MacDailyNews

iTunes Music Store

Buy Tunes Here
Support MacDailyNews

Again, thanks to all of our readers for supporting MacDailyNews! Now back to the news…


  1. 1) I’m with ya, richIP and Al. Can’t help out ’cause it ain’t here.

    2) Under the button, wouldn’t it be immeasurably better if it said “Buy Tunes Here” instead of “Buy iTunes here”? To me it makes the service look like some kind of pay or subscription program . However, everyone can relate to buying “Tunes”.


  2. have to agree with rageous – sorry duh. I don’t visit this site as often as I would if the reader responses weren’t so moronic (e.g., 1st post!!). I I’m a recent convert to the MAC platform, and enjoy reading related articles…, but some of the comments posted here taint the experience a bit too much.
    many people will now respond with ‘well, go somewhere else then’. I do…, and as a result am less likely to click on sponsor links, including the new iTunes program.
    not trolling…, just sayin’…, and thought MDN should know…,

  3. duh:

    I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because it was a very good site back when MDN used to report on the news and leave all commentary to the opinion articles.

    And before this “first post” fad.

    And before reader responses were getting hijacked by useless politcal battles.

    And before Sputnik.

    But you’re right it’s completely out of line to discuss the shortcomings of the site, particularly when they are now asking us to spend money to support it. My apologies to you.

  4. I read MacDailyNews Daily. You bet I’m going to support ya. Let all opinions in, and keep giving us the best summary of everything mac. Your MDN opinion is important to me whether I agree with it or not.
    Let’s face it. You’re my #1 mac site now. (sob). OK? OK!

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