Griffin Technology debuts EarJams the iPod earbud enhancers

Griffin Technology has announced Griffin EarJams (US$19.99, shipping by the end of September) which snap onto your existing iPod Earbuds and, according to Griffin, also do the following:

– Deliver massive bass and improved sound
– Enhance the comfort and fit of your iPod earbuds
– Raises your earbud volume by up to 10 decibels
– Includes multiple size ear pads and carrying case

Griffin’s Website proclaims, “The white iPod earbuds have become the symbol of the iPod revolution. They tell the world that you possess the coolest MP3 player in the world. Griffin’s EarJams let you keep on using your iPod’s earbuds while giving you the quality that comes from in-ear style headphones. You won’t believe how good your eabuds can sound until you try EarJams.”

More info and pictures here.


  1. For people who were unsatisfied with the fit of Apple’s in-ear headphones, try replacing the earpieces with the Etymotic’s double-flanged ER-6 earpieces.

    If you don’t have Apple’s in-ear headphones already, this looks like a pretty good buy.

  2. The actual earpieces look identical to the Sony MDR-EXSL71s I’m wearing right now. If they’re as decent as these are, than fair play to Griffin, they seem a very innovative and thoughtful company.

    Where’s the Radio Shark though�?

  3. Why bother? just buy the Sony MDR-EXSL71s in white or even Apple’s own in-ear headphones would be a better buy than this “thing” – you bought an iPod for christ saake, spend some dosh on a good pair of headphones from scratch.

  4. I have a set from Sony and they look like them but with out the big lump .

    They are so small that i sleep with them and the iPod all night.
    I got a set for my wife also and she love them.
    They are $50.00

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